TitleSheffield City Council: Policy Committee Minutes
AdminHistoryThe Parliamentary and General Purposes Committee minutes for June 22nd 1966 record the resolution that "with effect from July 6th 1966, this Committee be re-constituted under the name of "Policy Committee"". This was approved and confirmed by Council on July 6th 1966 (Council minutes, ref. CA-COU/29, p. 3). The Parliamentary and General Purposes Committee had been established in 1920, when the Parliamentary Committee (established 1886) merged with the General Purposes Committee (originally part of the General Purposes and Parks Committee, established 1843).

The Policy Committee's first Chairman was Alderman Charles Ironmonger and the committee held its first meeting on 27th July 1966.

In 1968 there was a further reorgansiation of Council committees. It appears the existing Policy Committee merged with the Lord Mayor's Advisory, Establishment and Finance (as far as it related to central purchasing and printing and stationery) to form a new Policy Committee (see CA-MIN/106 June 1968 page CC4).

The committee's duties were reviewed on 24th September 1973 as part of the local government reorganisation which saw the old City Council for Sheffield Borough replaced by Sheffield Metropolitan District Council. The review affirmed an 8-point remit: establishing and controlling overall policies and priorities of the District Council; the allocation and control of finance, personnel and other resources; the production of capital programmes, revenue estimates and setting the level of the rate, receipt of precepts; reviewing the overall effectiveness of departments, their expenditure and appraising annual accounts; financial and economic policies; appointment of the Chief Executive, his personal staff and Chief Officers; establishing and reviewing Committee and departmental structures; local legislation [ref. CA-POL/7, p.40].

Two series of minutes were produced during the period of transition from the old City Council for Sheffield Borough, which existed until March 1974, to the new City Council for Sheffield Metropolitan District, which started as a 'shadow' authority for the new District in May 1973 and became independently operational on April 1st 1974. This is reflected in the Policy Committee series, which contains overlapping minutes for the period May 1973 - March 1974 (ref. CA-POL/6-7).

During the 1970s and 1980s the committee included the following sub-committees and working parties:

Anti-Apartheid (Working Party)
Community Land
Council Lottery
Decentralisation (Working Party)
Economic and Social Policy Strategy (Steering Group)
Inner City (later Urban Programme)
Joint Consultative Committees (various)
Management Services
Parliamentary Advisory
Personnel Services
Policy Advisory
Review and Development of the Council's Organisation and Management (Working Party)
Service Delivery and Performance Review Working Party
Sheffield Nuclear Free Zones Working Party
Special sub-committee re boundary review
Town Twinning
Urban Strategy
Work Opportunities

It also included the following panels:

Design and Building Services Co-ordinating
Direct Works (Policy)
Disability Liaison
Information Technology
Manpower and Organisation
Police & Community Safety
Police (Policy)
Poverty & Hardship
Race Equality
Special Panel re Voluntary Early Retirement Schemes
Technical Services
Training and Development
Urban Strategy
DescriptionThis series comprises two printed volumes of official minutes, 1966-1974; the rest, whilst in most cases signed, appear to be drafts (some comprising typescript photocopies, some with manuscript amendments and paragraphs/sections crossed out). Many, but not all, include indexes. These records also contain 61extracts that relate to the Hillsborough Stadium and concern subjects such as the sale of alcohol at the ground, response to the Taylor Report, alterations to the ground and the re-issuing of the safety certificate.
Date1966 - 1998
Extent127 items
AccessConditionsThese items contain personal information about staff which is closed for 75 years under the Data Protection Act (exempt under section 41 of the Freedom of Information Act). Please refer to Sheffield Archives for advice on how to access the restricted items.
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