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Contemporary index:

Abolition of South Yorkshire County Council, 61, 23, 42
Abolition of South Yorkshire County Council, accommodation - provision of, 25, 44
Abolition of South Yorkshire County Council, Arts Department Art Assistant design, 58
Abolition of South Yorkshire County Council, detriment payments, 24, 43, 104
Abolition of South Yorkshire County Council, payment for additional duties and responsibilities, 54
Abolition of South Yorkshire County Council, recruitment statistics, 24, 43
Advance funding and forward leasing, 86
Advertising (Community), 57
Adult Literacy and Basic Skills Unit - Caribbean outreach project, 120
Anti-apartheid Working Party, minutes of, 21, 113
Arts Development Officer (Equal opportunities), 119
Arrears of miscellaneous accounts, periodical rents, house purchase and other loans, 36
Assertiveness training, 16
Attercliffe environmental corridor 1986/87, 130

Beighton Community Association, 79
Billings (Councillor), resignation of, 87
Black pensioners lunch club, 71
Black, use of the term [political correctness], 71, 116
British Nuclear Test Veterans Association, 125
Builders' skips on the highway, placement of, 138
Bureau to attract and expand industry and commerce, project report form, 92

Cambridge Street Redevelopment Schemes, 91
Canal Basin (Sheffield), 129
Capital programme 1985/86, 76
Capital programme 1986/87, 132
Car loans, 56
Career development centres, 109
Caretaker training - Education Department, 57
Central Policy Unit - review, 55
Central Short Course Training Programme 1986/87, 16
Chernobyl nuclear incident, 49, 84, 125
City Plaza, transfer to Department of Design and Building Services, 69
City Treasury, Capital Programme - project report forms, 78
City Treasury, deferred Purchase Schemes staffing resources, 135
City Treasury, replacement of cash receipting equipment, 98
City Treasury, retirement, 78
Cleansing Department, Manpower Plan 1986/87, 51
Coal, use of the Council premises, 73
Combined Heat and Power, 73
Committees, appointment to, 47
Community advertising, 57
Community Roots trust, residential training centre, 27
Compliance with standing orders, 40
Compliance with standing orders, skips on the highway, 39
Computer hardware, purchase of, 95
Conditions of service, commencing salaries, 15
Consultants, appointment of, 31, 70
Contractors, list of approved, 40, 138
Contracts compliance procedures, Training and Development Programme, 137
Contracts compliance (strengthened) staffing structure, 41
Contracts panel, minutes of, 39, 137
Contracts Policy, code of practice, 41, 137
Contracts (temporary), 13
Copyright, The Performing Rights Society, 77
Conferences, Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Conference 1986, 82
Conferences, Contracts Compliance Conference, 137
Conferences, Local Authorities and Water Privatisation, 115
Conferences, National Steering Committee on Local Authority Action Against Apartheid, 113

Department of Design and Building Services, appointment of Consultant Clerks of Work, 118
Department of Design and Building Services, computer package for Quantity Surveying Division, 98
Department of Design and Building Services, key issues 1986/87, 69
Department of Design and Building Services, revenue budget 1986/87 and 1987/88, 117
Department of Design and Building Services, transfer to City Plaza, 69
Departmental practices, city libraries, 21
Design and Building Services Co-ordinating Panel, minutes, 30, 69, 117
Disabled, private sector housing services, aids and adaptations for, 122
Disaster planning, 97

Education Department, training budget, 57
Electronic printing system, 97
Employment and Economic Development, annual progress report and work programme, 72
Employment opportunities (potential) for trainees from The Women's Technology Training Workshop, 16
Energy Conservation Project 1984, 121
Energy panel, minutes, 73, 121
Engineering Industry Training Board, 119
Equal opportunities recruitment and selection, training of elected members, 49, 108
European Regional Development Fund application, 136
European Social Fund, 36

Federated Union of Managerial and Professional Officers, 56
Finance Sub-Committee, minutes, 32, 75, 132
Foxhill Estate, remedial work (phase 1), 48
Frost damage (highways) winter 1985/86, 34

Gratuities to retired employees, 53
Green Paper, Paying for Local Government (CHND9714), 134
Health, Welfare and Safety, training in, 57
Highways frost damage, winter 1985/86
Hiroshima / Nagasaki [Japan] anniversaries, 82
Honoraria, payment of, 54
Housing benefit, Part III Accommodation, 92
Housing benefits (rate element), payments by DHSS, 36
Housing Department, Manpower Plan 1986/87, 51
Housing Programme Committee, project report forms, 91

Independent bookshop, 79
Industrial relations panel, minutes, 15, 56
Industrial relations training, 110
Information pack, ethnic minorities, 28
Information Technology Panel, minutes, 95
Information Technology Strategy/Purchase of computer equipment, 97
International Nuclear Free Zones Day, 65, 81
Irrecoverable accounts 1985/86, 35

Jarrow March 50th anniversary, 92

Leisure/shopping complexes (out of town), 9
Libraries Department, Nuclear Free Zones Initiatives, 82
Loan transactions, 134
Local Authority, borrowing voluntary code of practice, 77
Local Authority, committees, co-option onto, 29
Local Authority, week of action, 22, 113
Local Government, Act, Abolition of Metropolitan County Councils,
Local Government, application of appendix E, Arbitration Award, 24, 43
Local Government, Act 1986 Part II Publicity, 90
Local Government, Act 1966, Section II, 28
Local Government, Finance, 93
Local Government, Staff Commission Circular No 15, 24, 43
Low paid employees, new training initiatives for, 17
Low pay and single status, 106
Lower Don Valley, 129, 130

Maintenance work, specification and supervision of, proposed changes and procedure for, 23
Management training, 108
Manor 5/6 Training Scheme, 57
Manpower and Organisational Panel, minute of, 18, 58, 59
Manpower Plan 1986/87, 18, 51, 58, 60, 102, 103
Manual and Craft, pay negotiations, 54
Mortgages (Local Authority), transfer to National Home Loans Corporation, 36
Namibia week, 22
Namibian, The, 114
National Joint Council for Local Authorities APT & C Services, 15
Neighbourhood Team Development, 110
News International, 50, 94
Nuclear Free Zone Advertising, 124
Nuclear Free Zones logo, use of on publicity material, 83
Nuclear Free Zone Local Authorities, Annual General Meeting, 82
Nuclear Free Zone Local Authorities, National Steering Committee of, 82
Nuclear Free Zone Working Party, minutes, 81, 124
Nuclear power, transport and waste dumping questionnaire, 83
Nuclear weapons, road transport of, 83, 126

Office accommodation for council departments, 93
Office automation, 98
Ombudsman, complaint concerning grant, 48

Pay advice envelopes, insertion of leaflets into, 13
Peace education, 125
Peace shop (Sheffield), 82
Pension entitlement, former employee's claim for, 15
Performing Right Society, copyright, 77
Personnel Services Sub-Committee, amendment to minutes, 9, 45
Personnel Services Sub-Committee, minutes, 11, 19, 51, 52, 53, 62, 63, 64, 100-104, 111
Play and Learn Schemes, 120
Police Panel, establishment of, 90
Policy Committee, minutes, 1, 45, 85, 87
Policy Review Sub-Committee, minutes, 23, 65, 115
Portable mobile buildings, 41
Private sector housing services, aids and adaptations for the disabled, 122
Publicity (Part II) local Government Act 1986, 90

Race and environmental health and Consumer Services, annual progress report and work programme, 119
Race Equality Panel, minutes, 27, 71, 119
Race Equality Panel, amendments to minutes, 10
Race Equality Unit staffing, 72
Race Equality, annual report, 120
Race Equality, commission for, review of policies and practice, 72
Radioactive waste (low level), 124
Rate arrears and allowances 1985/86, 36
Recreation Department, computer system, 99
Recreation Department, personnel policies, 56
Redball Indoor Cricket Centre, 37, 80
Retired employees, gratuities to, 53
Retirement, early, 54
Retirement of staff, 30
Revenue budget 1985/86, 77
Revenue budget 1986/87, 34, 133
Review and Development of the Council's Organisation and Management, working party on, minutes, 42, 43, 122

Safety, Health and Welfare, training in, 57
Sanity, CND magazine, 65, 81
Scandinavia, study trip to, 73
Secretarial, grades, 103
Secretarial posts, support to political parties and chairs of committees, etc., 61
Schools language survey 1986, 120
Seminars, Relating to Communities, 115
Seminars, School for Advanced Urban Studies, 49
Seminars, Strengthening the role of the Member, 115
Seminars, Transport Act 1985, bus network after October 1986, 115
Seminars, Vietnamese refugees, 26
Senior staff, regarding proposals, second stage review, 103
Sheffield Street Band, 126
Shopping/leisure complexes (out of town), 9
Skips (builders'), placement of on the highway, 138
Skye Edge remedial works, 37
Social Security Bill, council resolution, 26
SOS racism delegation sponsorship, 120
South Yorkshire Joint Co-ordinating Committee, 25, 115
Specification and supervision of maintenance work, (proposed changes and procedures), 42
Staff, early retirement of, 14
Staff, Administration and Legal Department, City Hall, grading appeal, 112
Staff, Administration and Legal Department, collective dispute, 11
Staff, Chief Executives Department, Programme and Energy Control Section, 68
Staff, City Treasurers Department, collective dispute, 19
Staff, Cleansing Services Department, temporary contracts, 14
Staff, Design and Building Services Department, appointment of Liaison Architect, 26
Staff, Design and Building Services Department, retirements, 30
Staff, Design and Building Services Department, training review 1985/86 and proposals for 1986/87, 17
Staff, Education Department, collective dispute, 19
Staff, Employment Department, Youth Training Schemes Contracts, 103
Staff, Family and Community Services Department, collective dispute, 63, 64, 100
Staff, Family and Community Services Department, collective grievance, 52
Staff, Housing Department, appeal, 12
Staff, Housing Department, collective dispute, 12, 101, 111
Staff, Housing Department, individual grievance, 111
Staff, Department of Land and Planning, Estates Division, staffing structure, 14
Staff, Department of Land and Planning, individual grievance, 11, 101
Staff, Recreation Department, collective grievance, 100
Staff, Sheffield City Polytechnic, redeployment of staff, 15
Staff, Works Department, appeal, 62
Standing orders, compliance with, 40, 139
Standing orders, skips on the highway, 39
Student Games (World), 67
Sub-committees, appointments of, 1
Surrey Street (67-69), 79

Tenders, 139
Terminal equipment (departmental), purchase of, 96
Tinsley, community relations in, 27, 46, 71
Tinsley, Corporate Working Group on, 119
Trade Associations, 39
Training and Development Panel, minutes of, 16, 57, 108
Training course accommodation, 109
Training in health and safety welfare, 57
Training resources 1986/87, 108

United Nations Cultural Register, 21, 113
Urban decline and growth, 129
Urban decline and growth in EEC countries, 116
Urban Policy, 129
Urban Programme 1986/87, 128
Urban Programme 1987/88, 128
Urban Strategy Panel, minutes, 74, 127, 130

Visits abroad, 54

Wheelchair push (sponsored), 68
Wicker (No 48), 120
Widdecombe Committee of enquiry into the conduct of local authority business, 85
Widdecombe report and co-option onto local authority committees, 119
Women manager training, 109
Women's technology training workshop, potential employment opportunities for trainees, 16
Works department, estimated training budget, 110
World Student Games, 67
Write Here, Urban Programme Scheme, 131
Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Association, 48
In January 1986 the Trades Union Congress (TUC) called on all trade unionists to boycott News International newspapers (which included The Times and The Sun) as a response to the industrial dispute between News International and its staff at its new plant at Wapping in London. The newspapers were banned from the Members' Library in Sheffield Town Hall and there were calls for libraries in Sheffield to also ban them. The matter was contentious. Sheffield Labour Group Executive resolved not to have the newspapers banned. The Library Association was also against a ban. The Director of Libraries considered the issue to be a resigning one. However, the City Council's Policy Committee did decide to ban the newspapers in libraries, the decision being ratified by the Council on 9 April 1986. News International's solicitor's threatened to take legal action against Sheffield Council. On 5th November 1986 the Queen's Bench Divisional Court (in a case involving London library authorities) declared the ban to be unlawful; Sheffield Council rescinded it earlier decision and the ban in Libraries was lifted.
DateMay - Jul 1986
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