TitleSheffield Upper (later Sheffield South) Division
DescriptionIndexes for the early rate books in this series indicate that the following areas were included within the Sheffield Upper District:

Ponds, Pond Lane, Norfolk Street, Shewdhill [Shude Hill], Dixon Lane, Bull Stake, Up Market Place, Porto Bello, Up Fargate, Cheney Square, Burgess Street, Down Fargate, Church Street, Up Church Lane, Blind Lane, Red Croft, Down Church Lane, Down High Street, Harts Head [Hartshead], Campers [Campo] Lane, Hollis Croft.

Note: there were often separate rate books kept for different rates levied for poor relief, maintenance of highways and constables, etc. There were also occasional special rates levied (contained in separate rate books) such as for the relief of maimed/wounded soldiers and mariners.

The early rate books are arranged by street and record name of occupier and rate collected. By 1801, names of proprietors as well as occupiers are included. By 1821, descriptions of the property were also included (e.g. 'house and garden', 'brew house', 'malt house' 'coach house','stable', 'shop', 'wheel', etc.)

From 1775, there is a break in the separate runs of Sheffield Upper Division rate books as a series of combined rate books for the Sheffield Upper and Lower Divisions started up (see series CA-RB/3).

When the separate series of Sheffield Upper Division rate books resumed in 1797 it covered the following streets:

Shude Hill, Forge Street, Pond Street, Pond Hill, Clough Wheel Mill, Lead Mill, Bakers Hill, Flatt Street, Sycamore Street, Arundel Street, Arundel Lane, Sycamore Street, Norfolk Street, Norfolk Lane, Norfolk Row, Milk Street, Surrey Street, Howard Street, Eyre Street, Eyre Lane, Charles Street, Union Street, Furnival Street, Back Lane, Back Lane Court, Duke Street, Sylvester Wheel, White House, Row Lees, Union Street, Cheney Row, Cheney Square, Dixon Lane, Hay Market, Jehu Lane, Market Place, Market Street, Change Alley, High Street, Mulberry Street, George Street, Fargate, Pinston Lane, Burgess Street, Cross Burgess Street, Coalpit Lane, Balm Green, Church Lane, Brelsford Orchard, Smith Street, Townhead Street, Townhead Cross, Holley Street, Division Street, West Street Lane, West Street, Carver Street Lane, Carver Street, West Field, West Field Lane, Red Croft, Trippit Lane, Porto Bello, Saint James Street, Cross Street to St James, York Street, Hartshead, Angel Street, Watson Walk, Campo Lane, Broad Lane, Bailey Lane, Rockingham Street, Intended Street, Red Hill, Garden Street, Hollis Street, Radford Row.

By 1802 the Sheffield Upper Division was referred to as the 'South Division'.
Date1756 - 1891
Extent166 items
AccessConditionsSome registers available on microfilm only
RelatedMaterialFor index to streets and corresponding rate book(s) and page numbers covering rate books 1755 - 1891 a CD-ROM is available (ROM/9)
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