TitleChildren’s Employment Commission Committee: answers soliciting information as to the employment of children in Sheffield
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The commissioners asked a number of Sheffield employers and trade unions (all listed below) the following questions:

What are the average hours of labour of children under 13 years of age in the trade with which you are connected?

Is it desirable that the hours of labour of children in the Sheffield Trades should be regulated and limited?

Should there be a legislative prohibition of children working at the Sheffield Trades until they are of a certain age? If so, what is the age you would suggest?

Should there be a similar prohibition of all persons under 18 years of age from working at night work, say from 10pm to 6am?

Should there be a similar prohibition of grinding without using the 'fan'? NB the Commissioners recommend the use of the fan in wet grinding as well as dry.

Should there be a similar prohibition of machinery being used without being fenced and of grinding stones being used without being 'fixed on their axles by iron plates'?

Would these objects be better secured by an Act of Parliament imposing the duty of carrying its provisions into effect on the Town Council or by the Factory Acts being applied to Sheffield?

Do you know of any reason why any regulations applied to the Sheffield Trades should not be of general application to the whole country?

Have you any suggestions to offer in reference to the subject that do not come within the scale of these questions?

Folio 1
Easterbrook and Allcard, Albert Works, Suffolk Road
George Gray and Co., Crinoline Steel Manufacturers, Pond Hill Works
Worrall Hallam and Co., Needle Works, Attercliffe Road
Ibbotson Brothers and Co., Globe Steel Works
Ralph Skelton, Spade and Shovel Manufacturers, Attercliffe
Ward and Payne, Edge Tool Manufacturers, West Street
Thomas Turton and Sons, Sheaf Works

Folio 2
John Brown and Co Ltd., Atlas Works
Parkin and Stuart, Harvest Lane Steel Works
Guest and Chrimes, Foundry and General Brass Works, Rotherham
William Fisher, esquire, horn etc merchant, Orchard Hall
Stephen Bacon, Haft and Scale Presser and Cutter, Garden Street

Folio 3
Thomas Turner and Co., Suffolk Works
William Hawcroft, Razor and Cutlery Manufacturer, Bath Works
Hadfield Shipman and Co., Attercliffe Wire Mills and Steel Works
Parkin and Marshall, Cutlery and Edge Tool Manufacturers, Furnival Street
J J Brittain, Saw File Edge Tool Manufacturers, Shoreham Street
Cocker Brothers, Wire and Steel manufacturers, Nursery Street
John Wilson, Pen Blade Grinder, Nottingham Street
Henry Wilkinson and Co., Silver Plated Ware Manufacturer, Norfolk Street

Folio 4
M Hunter and Son, Cutlery etc manufacturer, Andrew Street
Thomas Ellin and Co., Steel Convertors and Manufacturers, Arundel Street
Chadburn Brothers, Opticians and Manufacturers of Optical and Mathematical Instruments, Nursery Street
Edward Barnes and Sons, Table and Spring Knife Manufacturers, 239 Solly Street
Samuel Laycock and Sons, Hair Seating Manufacturers, Portobello Place and Millsands Works

Folio 5
John Gladwin, Paper Manufacturers, Ecclesfield
Joseph Pell, Currier and Leather Merchant, Market Street
Spear and Jackson, Etna Works
John Kenyon and Co., Sheldon Row

Folio 6
The Stove and Fender Grinders Society
George Austin, Secretary to the Railway Spring Makers Society
Mr J Gale, Secretary to the Scissor Grinders Trade Sick and Funeral Society
Messrs Wragg and Lowe, Secretary to the Table Blade Grinders Union
John Hotham, Secretary to the Silver Haled Trade Union
John Hardy, Secretary to the Sheffield Branch of the Amalgamated Engineers
The Sickle and Hook Forgers Union, Ridgeway

Folio 7
The Committee of the Saw Handle Makers Mutual Aid Society
The Workboard Branch of the Scissor Trade
The Secretary of the Stove Grate Fitters Union
Mr C Bagshaw, Secretary to the Fork Grinders Society
Mr J James, Secretary to the Table Knife Hafters Trade Union
Mr Joseph Machan, Secretary to the Scythe Grinders Trade Union
Mr John Fitzgeorge, Secretary to the File Hardeners Trade Union

Folio 8
Mr Joseph Mallinson, Secretary to the Razor Grinders trade Union
Mr William Broadhead, Secretary to the Saw Grinders Trade Union
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