TitleAllottees of Shirebrook, near Heeley, Signed Minutes
DescriptionThis committee does not appear to be from the Borough Council.

This volume includes at the back:
Copy conveyance between Messrs Barber and Wild to William Singleton of a plot of land at Heeley 'forever to remain open and unbuilt upon and to be used as a road or thoroughfare', 26 Feb 1852;

Copy mortgage of a plot of land, William Singleton to the Trustees of the Sheffield Reform Freehold Building Society, 28 Feb 1852;

Deed of covenant between Messrs Adams, Allott and 88 named others, the purchasers of allotments in the Heeley estates, 22 Jan 1852:
Note: all of Sheffield unless otherwise stated.
Ebenezer Adams, cabinet case maker
Alfred Allott, banker's clerk
Henry Armitage, painter
William Atkinson, agent
John Auckland, file cutter
Joseph Barnes, table knife manager
Edward Barton, merchant
James Walker Barton, spirit merchant
Henry Beardsworth, horn & stag cutter
Edward Bennett, painter
John Biggins table knife manufacturer
Samuel Bradbury, joiner
Godfrey Bramall, boot & shoe maker
Henry Brookes, confectioner
John Buck, Powder flask maker
William Cavill of Bolehill, Derbyshire, saw handle maker
Davis Chapman, hosier
Samuel Chapman, pawnbroker
Joseph Collins, plasterer
John Cooper, beadle
Alfred Crawshaw, spring knife grinder
James Croft, grocer
Edward Cuthbertson, saw maker
John Dickenson, butcher
Henry Cornelius Flory of Myrtle Springs, Handsworth, schoolmaster
Thomas Gillott, weighing machine keeper
John Gilman, hotel porter
Thomas Glossop, silversmith
Joseph Gould, table knife hafter
Joseph Guyte, [Guite on page 31] millwright
Samuel Hague, penknife cutler
John Harrison, plumber and glazier
Isaac Hawcroft, razor manufacturer
John Hawksworth, silversmith
Dennis Hobbis, table blade forger
Edwin Bussey, auctioneer
Henry Rich Horsfield, saw manufacturer
John Howard the younger, blacksmith
James Howarth, edge tool manufacturer
Samuel Johnson, razor manager
Henry Lawton, spring knife cutler
William Lawton, grocer
Robert Leader the younger, publisher
John Loxley, joiner
John Loy, wood turner
William Maxey, farmer
George Morton, joiner
William Moore the younger, sawmaker
Robert Carson Murray, iron founder
Robert Oliver, gardener
Thomas Oliver, horn cutter
John Fenney Parkin, engraver
John William Pyesmith [Pye-Smith], gentleman
George Rhodes, penknife cutler
Ichoiada Rhodes, silversmith
Ichoiada Alsop Rhodes, silversmith
Thomas Roberts, carpenter & joiner
Henry Rodgers, saw manufacturer
Joseph Rodgers, miller
Thomas Russell, saw manufacturer
John Sellers, cutler
William Bush Sellers, cutler
Charles Sharman, pen blade forger
John Frank Shepherd [Shepherdson / Shepherson on page 32] of Great Driffield, [East Yorkshire], cabinet maker
Amelia Theophild Shore [Theophila on page 21] of Meersbrook, gentlewoman
Urith Lydia Shore of Meersbrook in the County of Derby, gentlewoman
John Wood Shone, tailor
William Singleton, warehouseman
William Hemsworth Smith, merchant's clerk
William Sissons, silver plate manufacturer
Richard Solly, iron master
John Staniforth of Buxton, Derbyshire, innkeeper
Samuel Burgin Swift, spring knife cutler
Richard Thomas Taylor, soda water manufacturer
Thomas Turner, miller
John Wagstaff, cabinet maker
James Walker, surgeon
Herbert John Walker, surgeon
John Warriner, earthenware dealer
Thomas Watson grocer
George Webster, razor manufacturer
John Webster, gentleman
William Wells, merchant's clerk
Benjamin Wightman, gentleman
Dennis Wilson, joiner
Joseph Foster Wilson, penknife cutler
John Wright, joiner
William Wright, gentleman.
DateJun 1852 - 1888
Extent1 item
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