TitleWortley Rural District Council
AdminHistoryWortley, Ecclesfield, Bradfield and Tankersley parishes and chapelries formed the Wortley Poor Law Union. These, with the exception of the Stocksbridge district of Bradfield, became a Rural Sanitary Authority in 1872, and in 1895 a Rural District. Part of Ecclesfield was taken into Sheffield in 1922 as Ecclesfield Urban. In 1974 Wortley RDC was split, Ecclesfield and Bradfield becoming part of the Sheffield Metropolitan District, and Wortley and Tankersley forming part of Barnsley Metropolitan District.

In terms of acreage the Wortley RDC area was larger than that of Sheffield City.

Included within the district was all or part of:
Birley Carr
Broomhead Moor
Firth Park
High Green
Howden Moors
Midhope Moors
Rivelin Valley
Strines Moor
Wadsley Bridge
Wharncliffe Side

Transfers into Sheffield were as follows:
Birley Carr, (transferred to Sheffield in (transferred to Sheffield in 1921)
Bradfield, (transferred to Sheffield in 1974)
Chapeltown, (transferred to Sheffield in 1974)
Ecclesfield, (transferred to Sheffield in 1974)
Firth Park, (transferred to Sheffield in 1901)
Grenoside, (transferred to Sheffield in 1974)
High Green, (transferred to Sheffield in 1974)
Hillsborough (part), (transferred to Sheffield in 1901)
Loxley, (transferred to Sheffield in 1974)
Malin Bridge, (transferred to Sheffield in 1901)
Oughtibridge, (transferred to Sheffield in 1974
Parson Cross (part), (transferred to Sheffield in 1921)
Parson Cross (remainder), (transferred to Sheffield in 1967)
Rivelin Valley, (transferred to Sheffield in 1914)
Shiregreen, (transferred to Sheffield in 1921)
Southey, (transferred to Sheffield in 1921)
Stannington, (transferred to Sheffield in 1974)
Wadsley, (transferred to Sheffield in 1921)
Wadsley Bridge, (transferred to Sheffield in 1921)
Wharncliffe Side, (transferred to Sheffield in 1974)
Wincobank, (transferred to Sheffield in 1901)
Worrall, (transferred to Sheffield in 1974)

The Council originally met at Grenoside Workhouse until new offices were opened in 1939.

Housing Services:

With regard to housing, Wortley RDC started to build houses soon after the passing of the Housing and Town Planning Act of 1919. By 1921 the first houses (in Strawberry Avenue, Ecclesfield and Jeffcock Road, High Green) were completed. After the Second World War the Council took over the army camps at Bracken Hill and Potter Hill and provided 212 temporary dwellings. By 1974 there were nearly 5,000 council properties, housing over a third of the district's residents. The largest developments were to be at Mortomly (which included some cast iron dwellings) and at Angram Bank.

Housing for the elderly, provided by the Council included John Trickett House (opened 1965) and developments in High Green at Charles Square, Newgate Close and Kinsey Road, at Fox House in Grenoside and the Eva Ratcliffe House at Ecclesfield. There were also developments at Lane End, Oughtibridge and Stannington.

Specially built bungalows for the disabled were provided at St Giles Square, Chapeltown and Angram Road, High Green.

Wortley was the first rural district to embark on a high rise scheme, with flats at Chapeltown (completed in 1966).

Public Health:

The first Medical Officer of Health was Dr James Snadden, appointed in 1895. There was also a Sanitary Inspector. The major work of the public health department was the laying of water pipes, slum clearance, vaccination services and waste disposal (refuse collection was by horse and cart until as late as 1935).

Highways and Planning:

Wortley RDC was a delegated highway authority of the West Riding County Council.

Street lighting responsibility was inherited from parish councils after the Second World War. Most were gas lamps, the last one being replaced by electric ones, at Bromley village in 1970.

Parks and Recreation:

The first recreation ground was acquired in 1919 - Chapeltown Park. Other parks included Ecclesfield Park and Glen Howe Park at Wharncliffe Side. Indoor leisure facilities were provided at Newton Hall in Chapeltown and welfare halls at High Green and Tankersley.
DescriptionSigned Minutes (CA529/1)
Council Signed Minutes, 1896 - 1974 (CA529/1/1)
Chapeltown Water Works Committee Signed Minutes, 1907 - 1916 (CA529/1/2)
Highways Committee Signed Minutes, 1902 - 1916 (CA529/1/3)
Sanitary Committee Signed Minutes, 1913 - 1916 (CA529/1/4)
Finance Committee Signed Minutes, 1912 - 1950 (CA529/1/5)

Printed Duplicate Minutes (CA529/2)
Council and Committee Printed Minutes, 1934 - 1941 (CA529/2/1)
Council Printed Minutes, 1945 - 1974 (CA529/2/2)
Finance (later Policy and then Policy and Finance) Committee Printed Minutes, 1949 - 1974 (CA529/2/3)
Planning Committee Printed Minutes, 1948 - 1968 (CA529/2/4)
Establishment Committee Printed Minutes, 1946 - 1961 (CA529/2/5)
General Purposes / General Purposes and Recreation Committee Printed Minutes, 1945 - 1968 (CA529/2/6)
Estates Committee Printed Minutes, 1945 - 1968 (CA529/2/7)
Development Committee Printed Minutes, 1955 - 1974 (CA529/2/8)
Highways (later Highways and Planning) Committee Printed Minutes, 1945 - 1974 (CA529/2/9)
Law and Parliamentary Committee Printed Minutes, 1953 - 1968 (CA529/2/10)
Civil Defence Committee Printed Minutes, 1951 - 1968 (CA529/2/11)
Hospitals and Public Health Committees Committee Printed Minutes, 1940 - 1974 (CA529/2/12)
Road Safety Committee Printed Minutes, 1953 - 1974 (CA529/2/13)
Penistone Joint Air Raid Precautions Signed Minutes, 1940 (CA529/2/14)
Parks Committee, Printed Minutes, 1957 - 1968 (CA529/2/15)
Miscellaneous Committees, Printed Minutes 1945 - 1973 (CA529/2/16)

Draft Minutes (CA529/3)
Finance Committee Draft Minutes, 1969 (CA529/3/1)
General Purposes and Recreation Committee Draft Minutes, 1969 (CA529/3/2)
Public Health Committee Draft Minutes, 1968 - 1969 (CA529/3/3)
Housing Committee Draft Minutes, 1969 (CA529/3/4)
Highways and Planning Committee Draft Minutes, 1969 (CA529/3/5)

Council and Committee Agendas, 1956 - 1957 (CA529/4)

Indexes to Minutes, 1959 - 1972 (CA529/5)

Council Members Interests, 1934 - 1956 (CA529/6)

Clerks Department (CA529/7)
Registers of Sealed Documents, 1969 - 1974 (CA529/7/1)
Copies of Enclosure Acts and Awards, 1940 - 1955 (CA529/7/2)
Miscellaneous Registers and Records of Council Property, c. 1895 - 1954 (CA529/7/3)
Registers of Loans, including the Rural Sanitary Authority, 1879 - 1973 (CA529/7/4)
Local Bonds Registers, 1920 - 1973 (CA529/7/5)
Registers of Licences, 1937 - 1969 (CA529/7/6)
Private Street Work, 1925 - 1960 (CA529/7/7)
Bye-laws, 1922 - 1955 (CA529/7/8)
Registers of Contracts, 1893 - 1967 (CA529/7/9)
Contracts, 1931 - 1967 (CA529/7/10)
Clerk's Letter Books, 1902 - 1973 (CA529/7/11)
Local Government boundaries, TO ADD DATES (CA529/7/12)
Clerk's files, TO ADD DATES (CA529/7/13)

Treasurer's Department (CA529/8)
General Ledgers, 1910 - 1965 (CA529/8/1)
Annual Return of Receipts and Expenditure (Epitome of accounts from 1949), 1917 - 1962 (CA529/8/2)
Annual Statutory Financial Statements, 1937 - 1964 (CA529/8/3)
Annual Abstract of Accounts, 1960 - 1973 (CA529/8/4)
Loan Debt Statistics, 1955 - 1966 (CA529/8/5)
Annual Estimates (Engineer and Surveyor's Department), 1952 - 1974 (CA529/8/6)
Housing Loans Ledger, 1921 - 1962 (CA529/8/7)
Parochial Ledger, 1911 - 1928 (CA529/8/8)
Composite Account Book, 1967 - 1969 (CA529/8/9)
Public Health Loans Ledgers, 1921 - 1944 (CA529/8/10)

Valuation Lists and Rating Accounts (CA529/9)

Housing Department (CA529/10)

SPARE (CA529/11)

Planning (CA529/12)

Local Tribunal (CA529/13)

Ecclesfield Cemetery (CA529/11 MAKE XX1)

Medical Officer of Health (CA529/12 MAKE XX2)

Register Office (CA529/13 MAKE XX3)
Date1931 - 1967
Extent375 items
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Note that some planning applications from Wortley RDC for the Rotherham area are at Rotherham Archives.

Barnsley Archives hold some planning applications for the Wortley Rural District - these include plans for High Green, Ecclesfield, etc.
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