TitleWoodseats Primary School, Sheffield
AdminHistoryWoodseats Primary School is located on Chesterfield Road, Woodseats, Sheffield.

The first school on the site was Norton Woodseats Infants Board School, [Derbyshire]. The school was opened in 1876 under the superintendance of Isabella Matilda Robinson. Kelly's 1891 Directory for Derbyshire notes that the Board School at Norton Woodseats had an average attendance of 200 boys and girls and 80 infants. The pupils were taught by George Muxlow, master, Mrs. Emma Hower, infants' mistress and Miss Rosa Horn, sewing mistress.

In 1905 a new Council school for infants and juniors was opened. The site was purchased by Norton School Board in 1900 and acquired by Sheffield Education Authority in 1901 when Norton was taken into the city boundaries. The new building faced Chesterfield Road and was constructed of Stoke Hall stone, designed to accomodate 300 junior children and infants. The architect was Mr H. L. Paterson.

Between Aug 1907 and Jun 1909 a temporary Junior Mixed School operated with accomodation for 144 children. In Aug 1909, the school reopened as separate girls' and boys' schools called Woodseats Council Girls' School and Woodseats Boys' Council School with accomodation for up to 420 children.

The Woodseats Home and School Association formed during the 1940s. The Association met monthly to discuss matters of educational interest, ensure cooperation between the school and the home and for social purposes.

The school was reorganised again in 1954. In Jul 1954 it was noted that 'from the beginning of the new term, all Secondary Modern pupils will attend the new Greenhill Secondary Modern School. This school will become a junior boys' school for the time being.' In Aug 1954 a letter from the Director of Education instructed the head to reorganise the Boys' and Girls' Departments as a Junior Mixed School. The school reopened on 7 Sep 1954.

The school is presently called Woodseats Primary School. The school's website (2012) notes that there are 431 children on the roll aged from age 4 to 11 (including 52 part-time children in the Nursery). The school is a two-form entry school having single age classes throughout, with fourteen classes from Reception to Year 6. The largest classes contain 30 pupils and all classes are of mixed ability.
DescriptionLog books, 1876 - 1975 (CA993/1)
Admission registers, 1909 - 1996 (CA993/2)
Records of application for admission, 1959 - 1998 (CA993/3)
Punishment books, 1907 - 1977 (CA993/4)
Minutes, 1909 - 1970 (CA993/5)
Head teacher's notes of criticism lessons, 1934 - 1955 (CA993/6)
Woodseats Home and School Association, 1950 - 1961 (CA993/7)
Photographs, 1949 - 1957 (CA993/8)
Records of School Events and Pupil Activities, 1973 - 2005 (CA993/9)
Date1876 - 2005
Extent43 items
AccessConditionsThese records include references to named individuals (children and staff). Consequently they are closed to public inspection for 75 years under the Data Protection Act (exempt under section 40 of the Freedom of Information Act). Please refer to Sheffield Archives for advice on how to access such items.
RelatedMaterialRelated material at Sheffield Archives:
Minutes of Sheffield City Council, 1864 - 1986 (CA-MIN). E.g.:

Contract with Henry Freckingham & Sons, Ltd., for enlargement of Woodseats Council School, 1907 - 1908, p.723 (CA-MIN/43)

Minutes of the Education Committee, Sheffield City Council, 1903 - 1998 (CA-EDU). E.g.:

Woodseats Council School, tender for erection of school, 1903 - 1904, p.86 (CA-EDU/1)
Woodseats Council School, loan for cost of erection of school, 1903 - 1904, pp.195, 666 (CA-EDU/1)
Woodseats Council School, street line and sewer, 1903 - 1904, p.189 (CA-EDU/1)
Woodseats Infants' Council School, Biblical Knowledge, report on examination in, 1903 - 1904, p.216 (CA-EDU/1)
Woodseats Infants' Council School, Government report, 1903 - 1904, pp.306, 403 (CA-EDU/1)
Woodseats Council School, Clerk of Works, report, 1903 - 1904, pp.819, 895 (CA-EDU/1)

Norton Woodseats School (Norton School Board) - site plan by Joseph Norton, 1900 and plans, sections and elevations by W. F. Hemsoll and H. L. Paterson, 1903, including plans, sections and elevations of elementary school by H. L. Paterson, 1907. Stamped 'Board of Education approved' (AP/7/58)

Planning Applications, Sheffield City Council, 1894 - 1974 (CA206):

Woodseats, Norton - storeroom to school for Mr Lynch, 1894 (CA208a/299)
Woodseats Infant School, Chesterfield Road and The Dale, Sheffield - alterations to school, 1973 (CA206/1973/7710)
Woodseats Junior School, Chesterfield Road, Sheffield - alterations and extensions to form middle school, 1974 (CA206/1974/1500)

Related material at Sheffield Local Studies Library:

Ministry of Education: Reports by HM Inspectors, Woodseats County School, 1951; 1959-60 (379.4274 SSTQ)

Stephen Welsh, A Brief list of the important schools designed by private architects for the Sheffield School Board and the Sheffield Education Committee between 1870 and 1910, 1963 (727.1 SQ) - includes brief details and references to the school opened in 1905 and details of subsequent enlargements.

Related material elsewhere:
Norton School Board minutes, 1899 - 1903 (Derbyshire Record Office: D673)
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