TitleDearne Valley Colliery Company Limited (Dearne Valley Colliery)
AdminHistoryDearne Valley Colliery Company was formed in 1901. The company sunk the Dearne Valley Colliery, situated five miles east of Barnsley near the village of Little Houghton, in 1901. The colliery was near to the adjoining Houghton Main Colliery.

The Dearne Valley Colliery has been described as a 'family' pit, with many of the men having worked there all their lives, and labour relations being very good. For many years the colliery had one of the highest output rates in the coalfield, despite being the last to be mechanised.

A pumping station on the colliery premises supplied water to the Dearne Valley Water Board.

Dearne Valley Colliery Company Limited retained ownership of Dearne Valley Colliery until nationalisation in 1947.

The colliery closed on 5 Mar 1991.

(Source: Alan Hill, The South Yorkshire Coalfield: a history and development, Tempus: 2001, p.111)
DescriptionRecords of shareholders, 1901 - 1927 (COAL/DVC/1-2)

Coal output, 1904 - 1927 (COAL/DVC/3)

Tonnage books, 1932 - 1947 (COAL/DVC/4)

Coals supplied to customers, 1937 - 1946 (COAL/DVC/5)

Wagon repairs, 1923 - 1939 (COAL/DVC/6)

Requisitions of timber, 1939 - 1945 (COAL/DVC/7)

Papers regarding supply of water to Dearne Valley Water Board, 1916 - 1944 (COAL/DVC/8)

Deductions from wages, 1937 - 1950 (COAL/DVC/9)

Housing records, 1915 - 1948 (COAL/DVC/10)

'Control of Mines' monthly reports, 1917 - 1921 (COAL/DVC/11)

Correspondence with the South Yorkshire Coal Owners' Association, 1938 - 1940 (COAL/DVC/12)

Correspondence, minutes and reports of the South Yorkshire Coal Trade Association, 1928 - 1937 (COAL/DVC/13)

Wage rate agreements, 1937 (COAL/DVC/14)

Duplicate letter book of accident claims, [20th cent] (COAL/DVC/15)
Date1901 - 1947
Extent37 items
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