TitleCalculation (costing) books
DescriptionThe calculation (costing) books include descriptions of objects, their dimensions, serial number, rough sketches and sometimes photographs, cost of the metal, hard and soft solder, stamping, hammering, balls, engineering, turning, casting, filing, piercing, fluting, making, dressing, chasing, cleaning, engraving, pressing, ebony handle, knob, joints, bitting, buffing, plating, gilding, burnishing, polishing, handing, finishing etc. and variations on designs . Sometimes the designer’s name (? - or who ordered them), if beaded or pierced, sometimes the patent number, and if followed designs of parts of other product numbers.

Most of these after 1900 refer back to previous calculations books and page nos., therefore very few of the later books include sketches except for details to be changed on existing products.

Continued to be used and extra notes and calculations added bringing the prices up to date.
Date1858 - 1976
Extent170 items
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