TitleCorrespondence and papers
DescriptionThe 6,983 loose papers (including letters) have been sorted and tied up in 50 packets, the arrangement following that of the plans in its division into subjects and parishes. The papers in the place divisions include one-sheet surveys relating to plans, valuations of land or property, and notes about the transactions for which the plans were made. Those in the subject divisions include reports and correspondence about projected enterprises, and in many cases calculations for the actual carrying out of the work. At the end of the sequence is placed a large section of general correspondence (1794-1847), including some personal letters, some concerning the conduct of the firm's business, and a quantity of purely formal notes.

Although the main value of the loose papers lies in their elucidation of the plans, there is also much detail about local matters hidden in them. Where the researcher is interested in a particular subject, or knows roughly what places are connected with their interest, it is worth checking whole bundles of the papers.

Bridges (FC/CP/1)
Buildings (FC/CP/2-3)
Canals (FC/CP/4)
Collieries (FC/CP/5)
Crown business (FC/CP/6-7)
Estates (FC/CP/8-14)
Gas lighting (FC/CP/15)
Insurance (FC/CP/16)
Quarries (FC/CP/17)
Railways (FC/CP/18)
Rivers (FC/CP/19)
Roads (FC/CP/20-24)
Timbers, tithes and watermills (FC/CP/25)
Waterworks (FC/CP/26)
Alfreton to Royston (FC/CP/27-31)
Sheffield (FC/CP/32-41)
Silkstone to Whitwell (FC/CP/42)
General (FC/CP/43-46)
General papers relating to the firm (FC/CP/47)
Miscellaneous (FC/CP/48)
Receipted bills, copies of accounts presented and other small financial papers (FC/CP/49)
Bills, letter and valuations of Marcus Smith, the successor of the Fairbanks in the business (FC/CP/50)

General papers (added in 1967) (FC/CP/51)
Date1770 - 1848
Extentc.7700 items
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