DescriptionEcclesfield. Maps of the old parish of Ecclesfield, exclusive of the chapelry of Bradfield (FC/P/Ecc/1S-66S).

Ecclesfield Inclosure. Survey of the township for the Inclosure.Small draft plans, largely based on old measures, 1784 (FC/P/Ecc/4S-23S).
The Field Book entries listed below probably represent the enclosed lands which were not surveyed with the Earl of Surrey’s lands between 1779 and 1783: FC/FB/60 pp.18-63 and 80-89; FC/FB/60/Supp pp.34-80 and 88-89; FC/FB/61, pp.21-35, 39-53,55-62,66-89, FC/FB/61/Supp pp.2-6, 34-51,60-63,68-73,75-88, FC/FB/63, pp.4-26, 35-76, 79, FC/FB/63/Supp pp.1-13, 17-36, 46-47, FC/MB/159-166, FC/MB/173. The places include Birley Edge, Burncross, Chapeltown, Cowley, Mortomley, Shiregreen, Southey, Thundercliffe, Wadsley Bridge, Whitley and Wincobank.

Ecclesfield Inclosure. Ecclesfield Commons. Allotments, [1786] (FC/P/Ecc/27S-50S).

Sheffield, 1787 (FC/P/ECC/56S-59S).
“Maps of the lands of T carr in the parish of Ecclesfield in the West Riding of the county of York.” Scale, four chains to an inch. Four maps bound together. FC/ECC/56S Wadsley Bridge FC/ECC/57S Shiregreen FC/ECC/58S Southey Hall FC/ECC/59S Shiregreen.

Ecclesfield. Maps of the old parish of Ecclesfield (exclusive of the chapelry of Bradfield):
Birley Edge, (FC/P/Ecc/69S-77S).
Chapeltown (FC/P/Ecc/80L-96L).
Creswick (FC/P/Ecc/97S-100S).
Grenoside (FC/P/Ecc/101S-103S).
Hesley Park (FC/P/Ecc/104S-106S).
Longley and Brushhouse (FC/P/Ecc/109S-119S).
Oughtibridge (FC/P/Ecc/123S-126S).
Shiregreen (FC/P/Ecc/129S-135S).
Southey (FC/P/Ecc/136S-138S).
Wadsley (FC/P/Ecc/140S-167S).
Wadsley Bridge (FC/P/Ecc/168S-176S).
Whitley (FC/P/Ecc/178S-180S).
Wincobank (FC/P/Ecc/181-186S).
Wisewood (FC/P/Ecc/187L-189L)
Date[18th cent] - [1842]
Extent192 items
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