Alternative Reference numberHAS/67
TitleCorrespondence of Juliana Horatia Ewing with many people, mainly about her books, and including some publishers
DescriptionFrom Violet [no surname stated], undated HAS/67/97-99, 106-107

From R. Andre, 1882, HAS/67/45, 47-49

From C. S. Austin, undated HAS/67/104

From Percy Barnett, 1881 HAS/67/29, 31

From Edward Bell, 1883 HAS/67/54

From Ernest Bell, 1882 HAS/67/46

From George Bell, 1881 HAS/67/35

From Mr Binger, 1883 HAS/67/53

From Maria Browne, 1883 HAS/67/55

From Christian Bruce, undated HAS/67/72

From Alice Cleather, 1881 HAS/67/23

From H. G. Deedes, 1883-1884 HAD/67/51, 57

From Harriet Dow, undated HAS/67/93

From J. Elphinston, 1882 HAS/67/42, 44

From Elizabeth [Ewing], undated, HAS/67/110-111

From C. [Eynand], 1887 HAS/67/21

From Mr Favell, c. 1884 HAS/67/73

From Thomas Fisher, undated HAS/67/77

From Lily Flintoff, undated HAS/67/102

From John Fredericton, 1880 HAS/67/17-18

From Charlotte S. Fursdon, 1881 HAS/67/25

From Charles Galloway, 1884 HAS/67/59

From Alfred Scott Gatty, 1858 and 1883 HAS/67/3, 50

From Alfred, Gatty, senior, 1882 HAS/67/36

Undine Gatty to Dot , 1874 HAS/67/4

To Dot [Horatia Gatty] from Alfred Gatty senior, 1874 HAS/67/5-11

From T. Gore-Browne, HAS/67/85

From M.S. Hippisley, unadted HAS/67/109

From J. Hooker, 1883 HAS/67/52

From Catherine Gilbert Hooper, HAS/67/71, 115

From S. Horsford, c. 1884 HAS/67/81

From William Q. Howard, n.d. HAS/67/84

From Mary Howlett, Mary, n.d. HAS/67/68-69

From M. Jelf, 1881 HAS/67/24-27

From Mary Jones,1884 HAS/67/88-89

From Fanny M. [Joysey], n.d. HAS/67/66

From Katherine Knatchbull-Hugessen, n.d. HAS/67/96

From R.F.L., 1882 HAS/67/38, 43

From Rev Dr. Littledale, 1879 HAS/67/14

From Liverpool Seamen's Orphan Institution, Lancashire, 1884 HAS/67/58

From Eleanor Lloyd, undated HAS/67/86

From A. W. May, undated HAS/67/74, 103

From Allan [Menerghy?], c. 1884 HAS/67/95

From Winifred Murray, undated HAS/67/108

From Minnie [O'Malley], undated HAS/67/90-92

From F. M. Peard, HAS/67/101

From M. Sandyford, 1881 HAS/67/32-34

From W. E. [Santers], 1883 HAS/67/56

From Richard A. [Scott], 1879 HAS/67/15-16

M. Scott-Siddons to Mr White, 1884 HAS/67/60

To R. J. Smith, c. 1880s HAS/67/80

Isabella Wade to Mrs Patten [1884] HAS 67/94

To Mr Sadler from Alfred Gatty senior, 1889 HAS/67/65

Ellen Danwick to Miss Ellacombe, n.d. HAS/67/70

Gordon Browne to Mrs Eden, n.d. HAS/67/76

From Richmond and Twickenham Times, 1887 HAS/67/22

From Roberts Bros of Boston, 1877, 1880, 1887 HAS/67/12-13, 19, 61-64

From M. A. Saltar, 1882 HAS/67/39-41

From Claire Therion, 1880 HAS/67/20

From C. E. Treffny, 1882 and undated, HAS/67/37, 87

From E. Wilberforce, undated, HAS/67/67

From Evelyn Wood, 1884 an dundated HAS/67/1-2, 83

From M. Wright, undated HAS/67/100

Ellen Danwick to Miss Ellacombe, undated HAS/67/70
Date1844 - c. 1890
Extent115 pieces
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