Alternative Reference numberJC/1321
TitleOrder of Gilbert, Earl of Shrewsbury, that Elizabeth Heywood of Sheffield, widow, be allowed to sell the 'white meates, chiefly butter and cheese', which she brings to Sheffield from Ashbourne [Derbyshire] and other markets, for the benefit of the handicraft men, 'who have no meanes to make provision but only in the markett'

Wheras the towne of Sheffeld [Sheffield], consysteth of handicraftes men, in greate numbers, who have no meanes to make their provision but only in the markett, and that the cuntrie there aboutes, affoardeth not sufficient stoare of white meates, cheifly butter, and cheese, to serve that towne,

And that there is one Elizabeth Heywood of Sheffeld [Sheffield], widowe, an honest substantiall woman who resoartheth to the towne of Ashbourne [Derbyshire] and diverse other markettes where there is extraordinary quantities of those kinde of victualles by reason of the fertilitie and goodnes of the soile adioyninge,

And there buyinge such stoare of butter and cheese as shee is able, bringeth the same to Sheffeld [Sheffield], where shee uttereth them, whereby shee benefitteth both the places, where shee buyeth them and likewise the said Towne of Sheffeld [Sheffield], where shee uttereth them, And yet nevertheless is troubled by certeyne promoters who rather seeke their owne benefitt than any good to the cuntrie,

I have thought good att the said widowes request herby to signify to the better sort, that my opinion is, shee doth no harme but mich good in this her soe doinge, and doo wish that shee might not bee anie more [illegible] trouble as heartofore shee hath beene given att Sheffeld lodge [Sheffield Lodge] this fowerteenth daie of February, 1608
Date14 Feb 1608
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