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Account of a meeting of the Governors of the Sheffield Public Hospital and Dispensary to elect a new surgeon-accoucheur, also an advertisement of the vacancy of the position, 1871, page 1;
Case of the Overseers of the Poor versus the Governors of the Sheffield Public Hospital and Dispensary for non-payment of poor rates, no date, page 1;
Comparative account of the money collected on Hospital Sunday 1872 and 1873 and suggestion that a Hospital Saturday be instituted, pages 1 and 2;
Account of the meeting of the Governors of the Sheffield Public Hospital and Dispensary to discuss a report from the Weekly Board with reference to the action Taylor versus the Weekly Board, no date, page 2;
History and mystery of the Assay Office by John Holland, page 2;
Alfred Bennett versus Sheffield Water Company concerning excessive charges, no date, page 3;
Church Burgesses, charter of Queen Mary, in English, page 3;
Description of Sheepbridge Workd, no date, page 3
Account of the visit of the Lords of the Admiralty to the works of John Brown, Apr 1863, p. 4;
Accounts of the dinners held to celebrate the 10th and 12th anniversaries of the Sheffield Shakespeare Club, pages 5 and 6;
Joseph Hunter, A Perambulation through Sheffield in the years 1798-9, pages 5 and 7;
Account of a dinner held by past Volunteers, page 6;
Notice that George Ridge succeeds to the position held by [-] Pierson at the Stamp Office, page 6;
Notice of the formation of a society to protect trades from the effects of hawkers and pedlars, no date, page 6;
Board of Health's deputation to the magistrates to represent that misconduct in public houses and beer shops should be prevented as being conducive to the aggravation of cholera, page 6;
Advertisement for persons to contract for the lighting of the oil lamps in the streets, 27 Jul 1821, page 6;
Account of the town of Sheffield awaiting the news of the peace, 3 Oct 1801, and the rejoicing at the proclamation of peace, 5 May 1802 [Napoleonic Wars], page 7;
Receipts of the Overseers of the poor, 1683, page 7;
Receipts of the constable (Constable's accounts), 1764-1765, page 7;
Extract form the poor rate assessment book, 1781, page 7;
Order to work on the highways pursuant to an Act for the amendment and preservation of the highways, 31 Jul 1783, page 7;
Account of Elizabeth Heywood, who bought produce at Ashbourne [Derbyshire] and sold it in Sheffield, which town consisted of craftsmen unable to supply their own food: the Earl of Shrewsbury petitions that she may be no more annoyed, but allowed to carry on her work in peace, page 8;
Account of the funeral of John Bagshaw, 6 May 1721, page 8;
Sheffield Vicarage School, sum of money sent by the scholars for the defence of the realm, 28 Feb 1798, page 8;
Account of early fines; for cutting down the trees on the Lord's wastes; for wearing hats instead of caps; for grinding corn other then at the Lord's mill; the miller for taking excessive toll, 1578, page 8
Account of Bradfield churchyard in a poem by Henry jackson, page 8;
Resolutions passed on the 11 Feb 1796 regarding the abolition of the Game Laws (Sheffield Association for the Preserving the Liberty of the Subject [hunting], page 8;
Names of the clergymen and dissenting ministers found in the parish register of Sheffield, 1568-1776, page 8
Account of a dinner held by past pupils of the Sheffield Grammar School, 9 Sep 1790, page 8;
Account of the origin and growth of dispensaries in Sheffield from 1828, page 8;
Account of the funeral of Mrs Elizabeth Clark, 3 Feb 1722, page 8;
Churchwarden's accounts, May 1799 - July 1800, page 8
Notes on trees in the neighborhood of Sheffield by John Holland, page 9
An account of Barkers Pool, no date, pages 11-12
An account of Paradise Square by Joseph Nadin, no date, page 11;
Time-table and list of coaches running from the Tontine Inn, 21 Dec 1832, page 11;
Notes of gardens, local and vicinal by John Holland, page 11
An account of Barker's Pool by Joseph Nadin, pages 11-12;
An account of Sheffield Park (Sheffield Park Lad, pseudonym), no date, page 12;
Thomas Sutton anecdote, no date, page 12;
Notice of the reopening of Milk Street Academy, 23 Jul 1821, page 13;
Account books of John Pye, 1748-1767, showing the cost of living, page 13;
Beauchief - a summer afternoon's ramble: poem with commentary by John Holland, page 13;
Story of the alleged visit of Prince Charles Edward Stuart to Sheffield during his retreat from Derby, page 13;
Terms, prospectus, etc for Sheffield Collegiate School, Dec 1836, page 13;
Notice of sermons to be preached in Sheffield churches for the benefit of the Infirmary, 16 and 22 Jul 1821, page 13;
Account of the meeting held to welcome the Rev Thomas Hincks to Upper Chapel, no date, page 14;
St Michael and All Angels' Church, Neepsend, address to the Archbishop of York concerning the vestments to be worn at the consecration services, 15 Nov 1867, page 14;
Account of the church of St Lawrence, North Winfield, page 15;
Descriptions of Bakewell and Hardwick Hall, page 15;
Description of Wentworth Woodhouse, page 16;
Scenes around Ashover (Derbyshire) by S. T. Hall (Sherwood Forester, pseudonym), page 17;
Description of Dethick church (Derbyshire), no date, page 17;
Account of the laying of the foundation stone at Pilsley Church, Derbyshire, no date, page 17;
Account of the visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales to Chesterfield [Derbyshire], 1872, page 18;
Account of the restorations and lists of subscribers to Bakewell Church (Derbyshire), p. 19;
Description of the erection of the works of Wilson and Cammell, at Dronfield (Derbyshire), 7 Mar 1873, page 19;
Account of the annual meeting of the Chesterfield and Derbyshire Institute of Mining, Civil, and Mechanical Engineers, 20 May 1872, page 20;
Description and illustration of Chesterfield Market Hall (Derbyshire), page 20;
Consecration of Dronfield (Derbyshire) burial ground, 9 May 1843, page 20
Description and illustration of Hardwick hall, pages 25-29;
Account of visit of members of the Sheffield Literary and Philosophical Society to Hardwick Hall (Derbyshire), 1849, page 29;
Description of Staveley church, Derbyshire, pages 31-36;
Presentation on the removal of Bernard Moore from the rectory of Staveley (Derbyshire), no date, page 37;
Notice of the death of John Hand, rector of Handsworth, [1870], page 39
Description of the church, town, works and ecclesiastical notes relating to Staveley (Derbyshire), pages 37-38;
Obituary notice of John Livesey, 12 Aug 1870, page 39;
Obituary notice of T. B. Turton, date to check, page 39;
Account of the presentation of insignia from the Cutlers' Company to Mark Firth, 1870, page 40;
Bibliography of the works of Alfred Gatty, no date, page 40;
Obituary notice of William Bradley, date to check, page 41;
Terms of William Gill's educational establishment at Bradfield, no date, page 41
Account of the presentation made by members of the medical profession to Charles Elam, no date, page 41;
Obituary notice of William Lennard, date to check, page 42;
Obituary notice of a veteran grinder, date to check, page 44;
Obituary notice of T. A. Ward, date to check, page 44;
Account of the trial of H. S. Bright for forgery, page 44;
Account of the funeral of Richard Barrow, page 45;
Letter from Samuel Mitchell on Thomas Boulsover's connection with the invention of cast steel, page 46
Obituary notice and account of the funeral of Thomas Best, page 46;
Joseph Brown, a poem by David Grant, page 48;
Gatty's edition of 'Hallamshire' by Joseph Hunter, page 48;
Poem to J. A Roebuck by Thorough Roebuckie, pseudonym, no date, page 48;
Article by Criticus regarding Brunswick United Free Methodist Church, Lopham Street, [c. 1872], page 49;
Account of the ceremony of the laying of the Glossop Road Baptist Church memorial stone, [1869], page 50
Case of Sale and others versus Sheffield General Cemetery Company concerning the vicar's fees, no date, page 50;
Case of the Vicar of Sheffield versus the perpetual curate of St Philip's church concerning burial fees, page 51
James Mowatt, inducted to the rectory of Handsworth Church, page 51;
SS Peter's and Paul's [Sheffield Catehdral] church clock, article on, page 51;
Note on Charles Wesley and early Methodism in Sheffield, no date, page 51;
Article on Christian Israelites by 'Criticus', no date, page 52;
Article of Shakers [Quakers?] by 'Criticus', no date, pages 52-53;
Article by 'Criticus' on Attercliffe Methodist Reform Church, date to check, page 53

Date[19th cent]
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