Alternative Reference numberJC/1874
TitleGenealogical miscellanea

JC/1874/1 Will of Godfrey Crofts, 1731;
JC/1874/6 Extracts from wills relating to the Aldam and Stacye families.
JC/1874/8 Will of John Belfit or Boulsover?, 1870
JC/1874/11 Will of John Andrew, 1836
JC/1874/13 Will of Thomas Ward of Cowley, 1829
JC/1874/15 Will of Thomas Wilson, 1740
JC/1874/14 Will of Thomas Hitch, 1869
JC/1874/19 Allott family pedigree
JC/1874/20 Reany family pedigree
JC/1874/22 Stacye family pedigree
JC/1874/23 Hinde family pedigree
JC/1874/24 Hargreaves family pedigree
JC/1874/25 Nicholson pedigree
JC/1874/26 Calow family pedigree
JC/1874/27 Allcroft genealogical information
JC/1874/27, 63 Norburne genealogical details
JC/1874/29 Family of George and Elizabeth and Anne Steele
JC/1874/33 Genealogical notes on the Moody family
JC/1874/39 Webster family
JC/1874/41 Arthur family pedigree
JC/1874/44,48 Copy of monument to the Withers family, church unknown
JC/1874/46 Edward (1754) and Hannah (1759) Clark, funeral notices, 1754 - 1759
JC/1874/47 Robert and Susanna Houlton funeral notice
JC/1874/49 Stacye family - extracts from registers
JC/1874/51-53 Extracts from registers for the Reany family
JC/1874/52 Shipstone family pedigree and notes
JC/1874/58 Crofts family genealogical notes
JC/1874/63 Allcroft genealogical information
JC/1874/66 Funeral notice of John Eyre, 1856
JC/1874/75 Saunders family genealogical notes

JC/1874/no sub number - funeral notices of Mary Elizabeth and Catherine Maria Morton, 1864.
Date[19th cent]
Extent1 item
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