Alternative Reference numberJC/300
TitleCopy from a Register of Charters of two charters regarding land in Norton including the manor of Heyridding (manerium del heyridding)
Description(i) Charter confirming a grant from Thomas Chaword knight to Alice daughter of Agnes Castelayn of Osberton [Derbyshire] and Rose her daughter of land formerly in the tenure of William del Heyridding in Norton [Derbyshire], a plot of land called Wetlandes and other land formerly in the tenure of Robert del Heyridding, and various acres formerly held by Thomas de Hemilsworth, John Kyng, Rose Kyng, Hugh Basse son of Nicholas, John son of Alan, John Godknave, John son of Agnes and John Hisindy, for the life of Alice, thence to Rose and her heirs on payment of a rose in summer.

Witnesses: Sir William de Fulkyngham, then abbot of Beauchief, John de Brymington, William Mateneye of Dronefeld [Dronfield, Derbyshire], Thomas de Wodehouses, Roger Carpenter, Peter de Bernys, Peter de Leys.

(ii) Charter confirming a grant from Thomas Chaworth knight lord of Norton to John Luterel son of Sir Alexander Luterel, and to Rose his wife, younger daughter of Thomas Chaworth, of the manor of Heyridding (manerium del heyridding) in Norton, which Alice Castelayn had of his gift, with grazing rights in Rohawe and the wood thereof.

Witnesses: Sir Thomas de Furnyvall [Sir Thomas de Furnival], Sir Adam de Everingham and Sir Walter de Gaushull knights, Sir William de Fulkyngham then abbot of Beauchamp [Beauchief], Sir Roger de Brailesford then rector of Dranesfeld, John Ayncourt, John de Brymington.

Vellum: one skin, no seal.

Notes: endorsed is a memorandum as follows " Am. A. Amen dico Vobis, Omnibus Christ ffidelibus ad quos presens scriptum pervenerit salutem. A deed of Chaworth for Herdings 1344."
Date[late 13th - early 14th cent]
Extent1 item
RelatedMaterialFor the probable dates see JC/812, JC/813 and JC/814.
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