Alternative Reference numberJC/630
TitleMarriage Settlement between regarding the intended marriage between Edmond West esquire son of the Sir William West with Joan Collyn daughter and heir apparent of Margaret Collyn
DescriptionDate: 1 Oct in the 4th and 5th years of Phillip and Mary, 1557.

Indenture of Marriage Settlement between Sir William West knight of London and Margaret Collyn of Brokeshed [?Brookside], Essex widow; whereby, after reciting an intended marriage between Edmond West esquire son of the said Sir William with Joan Collyn daughter and heir apparent of the said Margaret, it was agreed that Sir William should make a good and sufficient estate in fee simple unto Robert Hyrst of Sabrycheworth [Sawbridgeworth], Hertfordshire gentleman and Richard Barnerd of Highester [High Easter], Essex, yeoman, of and in all that house and site of the then late dissolved monastery of Darley [Darley Abbey], Derbyshire.

The buildings and lands are fully described; in the description of which the following names of persons and places occur; namely, St Alkemund of Derby, Wheate Flatte, Donstonloweflatte, Myddell Flatt, Croweflatt, Abbottes Flatt, Myddell Gryff, Far Gryff, Wareflatt, Washeflatt, Cleypytts, Intake, Ollers, Wasshe, Parke Leas, Oxe Pasture, Kyngesmedowe, Lytell Ayer, Mackworthe, Crowe Medowe, Caarles Medowe, Robert Sacheverell gentleman, William Blythe gentleman, Robert More, Thomas Camme, [ - ] More, Thomas Bullock, John Bullock bellowemaker, Thomas Barton, John Bullock, John Townesend, Olyver Cooke, Richard Morton, John Bullock of the grene, Hamlet of Grenehyll, Norton, Abbey of Bello Capite otherwise Beauchieff [Beauchief Abbey], Sir Nicholas Strelley knight, John Calton, Thomas Northe, Thomas Cooke, William Assheley, Thomas Holme, Bradweys, Godfrye Folgeambe, Katherine Blythe, John Barton, John Hobson, Robert Blythe, John Grenewood, William Hall, Thomas Parker, Henry Parker, Woodceytes [Woodseats], Lytell Lees, Lytell Norton, Byrchett.

The settled estate was to produce not less than one hundred marks, over and above all yearly outgoings; and it was to continue of that clear yearly value during all the life of the said Joan, she taking the whole income for life. Covenant by the said Margaret Collyn that after the marriage she should give unto the said Edmond West and Joan his wife and to a 'mayd servannte and a man servant of the said Edmond, sufficient meat, drink, lodging, and horsemeat; and room for their geldings and horses, where the said Margaret lived" etc.

Vellum: one skin, seal missing.

Notes: as there was only one seal, another part was evidently executed.
Date1 Oct 1557
Extent1 item
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