TitleFowler Family of Wadsley Hall, Sheffield
AdminHistoryThe Fowler family moved to Wadsley Hall in 1812.

Various members of the Fowler family lived there including John Fowler, Surveyor (from 1812) followed by Annie Fowler, his daughter (until her death in 1914). In 1884, Sir John Fowler (1817-1898), railway engineer, President of Institute of Civil Engineers (and with Sir Benjamin Baker, designer of the Forth Bridge) bought the freehold. During the First World War the Hall was given over rent-free by Sir John Fowler for Belgian refugees. After the war, the estate was broken up. Mrs. Campbell, widow of Dr. Campbell and niece of Fred Fowler lived there. In 1929 the freehold was bought by J.H.Trickett who died 1952.

Miss Olivia T. Fowler, the last surviving member of the family, died in 1976, and the family home, at Endcliffe Vale Road, Sheffield, was sold. The family papers were collected from the house, and the business papers were deposited by the National Westminster Bank.
DescriptionMiscellaneous business and personal papers:

Business papers, 1813 - 1939 (LD1782/1)
Correspondence, mostly to John Fowler (senior), from his children, 1839 - 1948 (LD1782/2)
Papers of Henry Fowler (deceased 1854), 1830 - 1854 (LD1782/3)
Personal notebooks, 1835 - 1965 (LD1782/4)
School notebooks, 1847 - 1914 (LD1782/5)
Bank books, account books and other official documents, 1854 - 1952 (LD1782/6)
Photographs and drawings, 1842 - 1846 (LD1782/7)
Sale plans and maps, 1808 - 1914 (LD1782/8)
Miscellanea, 1803 - 1955 (LD1782/9)
Datec.1800 - 1965
Extent47 items
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