Alternative Reference numberMD5716-5855, MD6072-6073
TitleDeeds and Papers from Broomhead, Wightman and Moore (later: Broomhead, Wightman and Reed; later: Broomhead, Pye-Smith and Reed), Solicitors, Sheffield
AdminHistoryIt appears that the solicitors' firm 'Broomhead, Wightman and Moore' had been established by the 1870s, based at 14 George Street, Sheffield. Prior to the establishment of the firm, one of its founding partners, Barnard Platts Broomhead (1834 - 1893), was practising as a solicitor from George Street, Sheffield from the late 1850s onwards.

The original partners of the firm were: Mr Barnard Platts Broomhead (1834 - 1893) (Broomhead later became Barnard Platts Broomhead Colton-Fox. He lived at 13 Broomhall Road, Sheffield and later Wales Lodge, Wales, Kiveton Park. He was killed after being knocked down by a train at Victoria Station, Sheffield on 15 Dec 1893); Mr Arthur Wightman (1842 - 28 May 1924) (who lived at Hallam Gate, Crookes, Sheffield); and Mr Edward Thomas Moore (1846 - 20 Mar 1914) (who lived at 'Holmefield', 6 Oakholm Road, Sheffield). Arthur Wightman's son Benjamin Arthur Wightman (1873 - 20 Nov 1937) also practiced as a solicitor and entered into the family firm.

By 1921, the partnership of the firm had changed and it became 'Broomhead, Wightman and Reed'. The new addition to the partnership was Henry Reed (1869 - 1938), who lived at Parkhead Cottage, Sheffield and later Knowle Green, Dore. Reed's son Henry Charles Reed (16 Apr 1909 - 1981) also later joined the firm.

In 1970, the partnership altered again and the firm became 'Broomhead, Pye-Smith and Reed' (with the practice still operating from its original headquarters of 14 George Street, Sheffield). The later name change was prompted by the arrival of a new partner into the firm: Mr Brian Charles Pye-Smith (3 Jun 1903 - 1984).
DescriptionHoly Family, Sheffield: executors’ accounts, partnership deeds and papers relating to button-making business, etc., 1737 - 1841(MD5716/1)

Young Family Deeds relating to property in Sheffield, 1629 - 1838 (MD5716/2)

Broadbent Family Deeds relating to property in Hartshead, Sheffield (later number 3 Hartshead), 1672 - 1783 (MD5716/3)

Unwin and Harwood Family Deeds relating (mostly) to Sheffield, 1738 - 1874 (MD5716/4)

Deeds and papers relating to Beighton (mostly concerning the Jessop and Shirt Families) Assorted Deeds relating to Sheffield, 1554 - 1875 (MD5716/5)

Deeds and papers relating to Beighton (mostly concerning the Jessop and Shirt Families), 1589 - 1827 (MD5716/6)

Hoole Family Deeds relating to Sheffield, 1720 - 1880 (MD5716/7)

Benjamin Wightman Deeds relating to Sheffield, 1846 - 1864, 1349 - 1832 (MD5716/8)

Winks, Staveley and Smith Family Deeds relating to Conisbrough, Tickhill and elsewhere in Yorkshire(MD5716/9)

Assorted Yorkshire Deeds (non-Sheffield), 1600 - 1819 (MD5716/10)

Assorted Derbyshire Deeds, 1578 - 1843 (MD5716/11)

Assorted Nottinghamshire Deeds, 1588 - 1851(MD5716/12)

Miscellaneous Wills (listed chronologically), 1683 - 1874 (MD5716/13)

Enclosure Awards (copies) and Associated Records, 1751 - 1827 (MD5716/14)

Tithe Apportionment Awards and Maps (copies), 1844 - 1881 (MD5716/15)

Valuations (parishes in Rotherham area), 1806 - 1868 (MD5716/16)

Maps and Plans, 1810 - c. 1892 (MD5716/17)

Miscellaneous Items, c. 1784 - 1852 (MD5716/18)
Date1349 - c. 1892
Extent185 items
RelatedMaterialAn additional collection of deeds and papers from Broomhead, Wightman and Moore (later: Broomhead, Wightman and Reed; later: Broomhead, Pye-Smith and and Reed), Solicitors, Sheffield, 1580 - 1959, is also available (MD6343)
AcquisitionSourceThese items were passed to Sheffield Archives by the firm in Nov and Dec 1969 (the terms of the deposit are unkown)
ArchNoteCatalogue reformatted by Tim Knebel and Helen Askham (from original paper list) in Jun 2016.
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