Alternative Reference numberMPA 2
TitleAnimal cruelty (and other miscellaneous subject papers, unfiled) DONE
DescriptionCorrespondence and other papers largely relating to animal cruelty including: conditions of abattoirs, export of live animals, vivisection, stray animals in California ('Pound Seizure'), Canadian seal hunting, the killing of sperm whales, eletrical euthanasia, etc. Material was sent to Joan Maynard from organisations such as the Anti-Vivisection League, Friends of the Earth, Crusade Against All Cruelty To Animals Limited, Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments (FRAME).

File also contains other letters and papers (not relating to animal cruelty):
Printed 6-page pamphlet on the freeing of the 'Bradford 12' (12 Asian youths charged with conspiracy who faced life imprisonment for fighting racism);
papers on heavy lorries, people and the environment;
Financial suport for students;
Houses of Parliament crèche campaign '82;
Correspondence from York Anti-Apartheid Group;
Copy letter from Women Against Rape Britain sent to William Whitelaw MP re. the recommendation that rape inside marriage be made a crime (endorsed by Joan Maynard);
Lead free air;
Appeal for support in the closing down of Association Les Amis de Que Me (French/Vietnamese paper) - support declined as it was argued 'the primary cause of refugees from Vietnam was economic rather than political';
Nuclear defence / British Atlantic Committee and its source of funding (includes article published in the Morning Telegraph by David Holmes, 29 May 1982 titled: 'Pro-nuclear group starts a cold war - a propaganda organisation financed by the Government and mounting a major campaign to promote nuclear defence policies and discredit the disarmament campaign has made its first move in South Yorkshire...';
Diesel fumes and lead pollution;
Labour Committee on Palestine - pledging solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle for self-determination etc. (statement agreed at the inaugural Labour Committee on Palestine meeting, 31 Jun 1982);
Discrimination against Irish prisoners in English jails (letters from Troops Out Movement);
Correspondence re. the death of Danny Barrett (aged 15) shot dead in Belfast;
Threat of regional war in Central America (correspondence from Sheffield Latin America Solidarity Front).
Date1981 - 1982
Extent1 item
FormatPaper - mixed formats
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