TitleJessop Hospital for Women, Sheffield
AdminHistorySheffield Hospital for Women, Figtree Lane, Sheffield, 1864 - 1878
Jessop Hospital for Women, Leavygreave Road, Sheffield, 1878 - 2001

The Sheffield Hospital for Women opened in a leased house (annual rent: £600) in Figtree Lane on 29 June 1864, with objectives to 'attend cases of midwifery and the diseases peculiar to women'.
The importance of establishing a hospital for women in Sheffield had been agreed at a meeting on 12 December 1863, chaired by Thomas Jessop, Mayor and Master Cutler.

The original accommodation (six beds) soon proved inadequate and in 1874 Thomas Jessop provided funds for an entirely new building. The building and equipping of premises in Gell Street/Leavygreave Road was completed four years later, and when the hospital transferred there, under the title of the Jessop Hospital for Women, it could accommodate 57 in-patients and provide assistance to out-patients. Extensions were made in 1902 and 1918 and by 1920 the Diseases of Women Department provided 64 beds, the Maternity Department 28 beds and there were 25 cots.

The Firth Auxiliary Hospital opened as an auxiliary to Jessop Hospital in October 1927 in the converted Norton Hall. The hall, with land, had been donated to the four Sheffield voluntary hospitals by Colonel Bernard Firth in 1925, as a site for a new hospital where the services of the Royal Hospital, Royal Infirmary and the Jessop Hospital would be amalgamated. The later decision to build in the city centre changed this, leaving the Jessop Hospital to take on sole use of the site. It could house 45 antenatal and fever cases.

The main hospital was severely damaged in an air raid in 1940 and new buildings were completed in 1943. By 1948 there were 211 beds including 47 at the Firth Auxiliary Hospital, Norton, where there was a special provision for the treatment of puerperal sepsis in an open air ward. Closure of the Firth Auxiliary Hospital, (also known as the Norton Annexe) was discussed in April 1969. It eventually closed in 1972 and was later used as a private clinic.

A new Out-patient Department was opened at the main hospital in 1953. Sheffield University's Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology was sited at Jessop Hospital.

Jessop Hospital closed in January 2001 - five years later than planned - and The Jessop Wing (at first also known as Stone Grove after the crescent of houses demolished to make way for it) was opened, linked to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, in February 2001. The official start of building at the Stone Grove site was 5 July 1998, the 50th anniversary of the NHS. The Jessop Wing brought together on one site all the city's obstetric, gynaecology and neonatal services, which had formerly been provided at the Jessop Hospital for Women, the Northern General Hospital and Nether Edge Hospital (which had closed in 1991).


As a voluntary hospital, management was vested in a board of 12 elected governors who in turn annually elected a president, two vice-presidents, the honorary medical officers and other officers. Property was vested in five trustees.

At the establishment of the National Health Service (NHS) in 1948 (National Health Service Act, 1946), the Jessop Hospital for Women and the other former voluntary hospitals in Sheffield were brought together for administrative purposes into one group as The United Sheffield Hospitals, under a Board of Governors.
This group was abolished at the reorganisation of the NHS in 1974 when Sheffield Area Health Authority (Teaching) was established as one of the health areas within the new Trent Regional Health Authority. Jessop Hospital was in the Central District (Teaching) of SAHA. Following a redistricting exercise in summer 1978 when the three districts (North, Central and South) were formed into two, Jessop Hospital was placed in the Southern District.

Further reorganisation of the NHS in 1982 abolished the Area as a tier of management and the Sheffield districts were amalgamated as Sheffield Health Authority; responsiblity for the hospital's administration was thus brought under a management team of Sheffield Health Authority (SHA), within Trent Regional Health Authority.

In the internal market created in 1991 the HAs purchased services from the hospitals which, following the NHS and Community Care Act, 1990, were encouraged to become self-governing trusts. The Central Sheffield University Hospitals, of which Jessop Hospital was part, was established as the Central Sheffield University Hospitals NHS Trust by statutory order in force on 1 April 1992, to own and manage hospital accommodation and services provided at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital and associated hospitals. That Trust merged with Weston Park Hospital NHS Trust on 1 April 1999 to become a major teaching hospital, with improved close relations with the Northern General Hospital.

Jessop Hospital closed in January 2001 and the Jessop Wing, linked to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, was opened on 3 February 2001. The Central Sheffield University Hospitals NHS Trust was dissolved in 2001 as was the Northern General Hospital NHS Trust, and both these were replaced by the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (established 2001), which itself became a Foundation Trust on 1 July 2004.
Description Administration 1863 - 2000
NHS12/1/1 Board of Governors minutes, 1863 - 1971
NHS12/1/2 Committees, 1878 - 1981
NHS12/1/3 Reports, 1896 - 1948
NHS12/1/4 Correspondence, 1892 - 1973
NHS12/1/5 United Sheffield Hospitals, 1957 - 1971
NHS12/1/6 'Born in Sheffield' photographs and papers. 1923 - 2000
NHS12/1/7 Publicity, 1873 - 1997
NHS12/1/8 Papers relating to history of hospital, [mid 19th century] - 1983
NHS12/1/9 Photographs, 1906 - 1955
NHS12/1/10 Printed miscellanea, 1874 - 1974

Land and Buildings 1916 - 1973
NHS12/2/1 Registers of tenders, 1955 - 1973
NHS12/2/2 Plans, 1927 - 1964
NHS12/2/3 Norton Hospitals estate, 1932 - 1944
NHS12/2/4 Correspondence, 1916 - 1950

Finance 1896 - 1968
NHS12/3/1 Ledgers and accounts, 1915 - 1936
NHS12/3/2 Cash Received books, 1919 - 1951
NHS12/3/3 Petty cash books, 1942 - 1968
NHS12/3/4 Salaries and wages, 1915 - 1948
NHS12/2/5 Salaries and wages: superannuation scheme, 1933 - 1946
NHS12/2/6 Legacies, endowments and other funds, 1896 - 1968

Stores and Equipment 1941 - 1975
NHS12/4/1 Papers and reports, 1941 - 1975

Establishment 1902 - 1986
NHS12/5/1 Medical staff, 1917 - 1973
NHS12/5/2 Matron, 1950 - 1970
NHS12/5/3 Midwifery and nursing staff, 1914 - 1973
NHS12/5/4 Pupil midwives, 1916 - 1973
NHS12/5/5 Theatre staff, 1961 - 1971
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Patients 1879 - 1990
NHS12/6/1 Gynaecology Department: In-patients, 1885 - 1990
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Sheffield and District Midwife Teachers' Group 1949 - 1990
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NHS12/7/4 Finance, 1952 - 1989

University of Sheffield 1995 - 1996
NHS12/8/1 School of Nursing and midwifery copy minutes, 1995 - 1996

Other records (not listed):

Records including:
Letter from James H. Keeling (late surgeon to the Jessop Hospital) endorsing the candidacy of Dr Miles Phillips for the post of Assistant Surgeoncy at the hospital, Oct 1906.
Lists of "Lecturers on Midwifery and Diseases of Women in the Sheffield Medical School" [covering the period 1829 - 1907].
Report on the Jessop Hospital for Women, Sheffield by Dr D. J. Mackintosh, Apr 1912.
Correspondence relating to contract for tenancy of Brook House, 2 Gell Street, and letting property to the Girl Guides, 1923 - 1924.
Sheffield Hospitals Council Inc., "Record of the 1d in the £ Scheme: Sheffield Hospitals Incorporated 1919 - 1948" [printed publication], c. 1949.
Typescript notes and printed flier relating to establishment of Jessop Hospital in 1864 and early history [c. 1940s?].
Photographs of: John Chisholm, Senior Surgeon 1935 - 1951; Old Norton Annexe of Jessop Hospital for Women at Graves Park; Russell Crimp of Brincliffe Edge Road, [early - mid 20th cent.].
Glass 35mm slides depicting aspects of history of Jessops Hospital for Women (including: exterior and interior shots of hospital; staff; 1940 bomb damage; nurses dressed as show girls for pantomine, 1938; old washing machine; Brunswick nursing home; operating theatre, 1930; boiler, 1920s, etc.) [early - late 20th cent.].
Date1863 - 2000
Extent517 items
AccessConditionsInformation in staff and patient records may be subject to access restrictions under the Data Protection Act, or may be subject to exemptions from the Freedom of Information Act. For further information please refer to a member of staff.
RelatedMaterialRegisters of baptisms at parish of St George, Brook Hill, which include private baptisms at Jessop Hospital for Women, late 19th century - 1960 (PR62)
Particulars of person recommended [as patients], 1899-1911 (ACM/S530/1)
Charity accounts, 1901-1946 (SY614/K73/42)
Case notebook of pupil nurse Sandford of maternity cases, giving details of mother and child before, during, and after birth, 20 May-18 August 1910 (Acc. 2004/81)
United Sheffield Hospitals and predecessor organisations, including Norton Hospitals Estate, 1922 - 1974 (NHS28)
Handwritten summary of gynaecological operations carried out in 1925 and 1947 possibly by John Eric Stacey, assistant registrar (MD7625)
Nurses' salaries book [not definitely identified as relating to Jessop Hospital], 1929 - 1933 (Acc. 2007/126)
Correspondence and papers including re Linen League, 1930-1948; printed annual reports 1931-1946 (CA665/14)
Case notebook of pupil midwife Sara Clayton Birley, May-October 1934 (Acc. 2005/33)
Pamphlet relating to laying the hospital extension's foundation stone, 1938 (MD6874/10)
Notebooks of Barbara Ford, midwife, 1956 (Acc. 1999/59)
Papers of Dr Shiela Duncan, retired consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology: Jessop's Women Medical Staff Committee minutes 1969-96; Area & District Division of O&G minutes 1976-96 (Acc. 1998/131)

Items received as part of Accession 2001/8 to be transferred to the Yorkshire Film Archive, York:
7 cine films, all bar one undated: 'Estimation of Foetal Maturity'; 'Breast feeding', made by Camera Talks Ltd; 'The Bond of breast feeding' edited by Franco Rosso, produced by Julian Aston; 'Where Love Ends', Drummer Films Ltd, 1980; 'Happy Family Planning', Wexler Film Production; 'Ourselves Before Birth', MacMillan Film Productions Ltd; unidentified film probably relating to aspects of midwifery
VHS video: 'Every Day a Birthday', The Production Outfit Ltd, undated
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