TitleCity of Sheffield Hospitals Department
AdminHistoryPrior to the establishment of the National Health Service (NHS) in 1948, county and municipal authorities were responsible for infectious diseases, mental cases and tuberculosis, and patients with these diseases were only admissable to their hospitals.

Sheffield's Borough Hospital Committee was established in 1881, with nine members elected from the Borough Council. Its original remit was to manage and control the hospital for infectious diseases established in Winter Street, and to exercise and carry into effect the powers contained in sections of the Public Health Act, 1875. The committee became a sub-committee of the Health Committee in 1927.

The infectious diseases hospitals, tuberculosis sanatoria (TB became a compulsorily notifiable disease by order of the Local Government Board from 1 Feb 1913) and other establishments managed by Sheffield Borough (later City) Council included:
Winter Street Hospital (opened 1881); Lodge Moor Hospital (1888); Crimicar Lane Hospital (1902); Moor End / Commonside City Hospital, Walkley (1908); Municipal TB Dispensary, Queen's Road (1911); Redmires Camp Hostel (1925); Oakwood Hall Sanatorium (c. 1928).

There were also Ash House Hospital School, Dore: a rheumatic diseases hospital for children which opened in May 1940 (site purchased 1935-36) and closed in August 1959, the premises being handed over to Sheffield Corporation for a geriatric home; Whiteley Wood Open Air Day School (opened 1909); Springvale House Open Air Day School (opened 1919); and Bents Green Open Air Day and Residential School (opened 1930).

Under the NHS, from 1948 local authorities were responsible only for environmental health and personal domiciliary care. Sheffield Regional Hospital Board was established, and management of the former city hospitals was taken over by its Sheffield No 3 Hospital Management Committee.
DescriptionRecords received from the Department's successor organisations, Sheffield No 3 Hospital Management Committee and the Central Sheffield University Hospitals Trust:

NHS26/1/1 Reports, 1900 - 1914

NHS26/2/1 Wages sheets, 1933 - 1947

NHS26/3/1 Daily statistical returns, 1935 - 1952
NHS26/3/2 Statistical reports and analyses of infectious diseases, 1936 - 1948
Date1900 - 1952
Extent15 items
AccessConditionsInformation in staff records may be subject to access restrictions under the Data Protection Act, or may be subject to exemptions from the Freedom of Information Act. For further information please refer to a member of staff.
RelatedMaterialAdditional records including Nether Edge Hospital wages accounts, 1938 - 1947; wages summaries, 1933 - 1936; staff attendance register, 1948 - 1949 (Acc. 2007/114)

Sheffield City Council Health Committee minutes, 1849 - 1973: these include summaries of Medical Officer of Health monthly reports with statistics of infectious and notifiable diseases (CA112/1-37)

Sheffield City Council Hospitals Committee minutes, 1881 - 1927 (CA113/1-9)

Sheffield City Council Hospitals Committee draft minutes, 1881 - 1927 (CA166/1-22)

Sheffield City Council: Education Committee, Medical Services Sub-committee minutes (for Ash House Hospital School; and Whiteley Wood, Springvale House and Bents Green Open Air Schools), 1920 - 1953 (CA290-296, 289)

Sheffield City Council Education Section, Medical Inspection minutes, 1911 - 1920 (CA297-298)

Sheffield City Council: Defective and Epileptic Children Sub-committee minutes, 1899 - 1903 (CA299)
Sheffield City Council: Special Schools Section minutes, 1918 - 1922 (CA300)

Sheffield City Education Department records: School Management Committee files including reports on defective and epileptic children, infectious diseases, medical visitation of schools, the School Medical Service Sectional Subcommittee, school dental service, etc, 1900 - 1958 (CA522)

Memoirs of Ash House Hospital School, Dore, in 1946 by Stella Bolam, 2006 (Acc. 2007/60)

Report by Sheffield MOH on connection between prevalence of typhoid fever and consumption of Cleethorpes oysters, 1902 (CA608/72)

Barnsley, Rotherham and Sheffield Sanatorium and Medical Benefits Sub-committees minutes, 1912 - 1948 (CA34/5-21)

Sheffield No 3 Hospital Management Committee records, 1948 - 1974; including military admissions to Lodge Moor Hospital (3rd Northern General Hospital), Winter Street Hospital and Crimicar Lane Hospital, 1914 - 1919, 1939 -1952 (NHS 37)
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