TitleSheffield No 1 Hospital Management Committee and Successor Authority
AdminHistoryConstituted at the establishment of the National Health Service (NHS) under the National Health Service Act, 1946, Sheffield No 1 Hospital Management Committee (HMC) was one of thirty HMCs of the Sheffield Regional Hospital Board, four of which covered Sheffield itself.

Sheffield No 1 HMC was responsible for the administration of the City General (later Northern General) Hospital, Fir Vale Infirmary and Nether Edge Hospital, also the Shirle Hill Tonsillectomy Centre and the School Clinic in Leopold Street, Sheffield. Nether Edge Hospital was its administrative headquarters.
Sheffield No 1 HMC ceased to be a legal entity on 31 March 1971. Following the designation of the Northern General Hospital and Nether Edge Hospital as a University Hospital, it was succeeded by the North Sheffield University HMC which from 1 April 1971 became legally responsible for the activities of the hospitals in the Group until 31 March 1974.

Following reorganisation of the National Health Service in 1974, HMCs were abolished on 31 March 1974. New Area Health Authorities, responsible to new Regional Health Authorities, took over the functions and responsibilities of the HMCs as well as the public health functions of local authorities. Sheffield Area Health Authority and Trent Regional Health Authority were legally established as from 1 April 1974.
DescriptionRecords of Sheffield No 1 Hospital Management Committee, later North Sheffield University Hospital Management Committee

NHS35/1/1 Sheffield No 1 HMC minutes, 1948 - 1971
NHS35/1/2 North Sheffield University HMC minutes, 1971 - 1974
NHS35/1/3 Chairman's consultative committee minutes, 1950
NHS35/1/4 Cricket club minutes, 1955 - 1957

Sheffield Regional Hospital Board
NHS35/2 Duplicate minutes, 1947 - 1974
Date1947 - 1974
Extent80 items
RelatedMaterialSheffield Regional Hospital Board records, 1947 - 1974 (NHS27)
Hospital Management Committee Group Secretaries, minutes, 1952 - 1974 (NHS27/7, formerly SY291/H1)
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