TitleSheffield No 3 Hospital Management Committee
AdminHistoryConstituted at the establishment of the National Health Service (NHS) under the National Health Service Act, 1946, Sheffield No 3 Hospital Management Committee (HMC) was one of thirty HMCs of the Sheffield Regional Hospital Board, four of which covered Sheffield itself.

Sheffield No 3 HMC had its headquarters at Lodge Moor Hospital. It was responsible for the administration of a number of Sheffield hospitals and clinics for patients with infectious diseases and tuberculosis which prior to 1948 had been managed by Sheffield Corporation (later City) through the Hospitals Sub-committee of the Health Committee.

As from 1 April 1964 the committee was enlarged as Sheffield No 3 and No 4 HMCs were integrated as Sheffield No 3 HMC. Sheffield No 4 HMC had only managed one establishment, the Sheffield National Centre for Radiotherapy.

The hospitals and clinics managed were: King Edward VII Hospital, Sheffield; Lodge Moor Hospital, Sheffield; Winter Street Hospital; Crimicar (Lane) Sanatorium; Commonside TB Sanatorium (closed 1956); Dronfield Infectious Diseases Hospital (until its transfer to Chesterfield HMC in Aug 1955); Grenoside Institution; Grenoside Infectious Diseases Hospital; Hallwood Smallpox Hospital, Grenoside; Bakewell and District War Memorial Cottage Hospital; Newholme Hospital (formerly County Welfare Establishment) in Baslow Road, Bakewell; Haddon Infectious Diseases Hospital; Ash House Hospital School, Dore [for children with rheumatic heart conditions] (until Oct 1959 when control was transferred to Sheffield Corporation); the Mass Radiography Centre and Unit, Ellin Street, Sheffield; TB dispensaries (later Chest Clinics) in Queen's Road (Sheffield), Dinnington and Wadsley Bridge; and from 1964 the Sheffield National Centre for Radiotherapy which was superseded in 1971 by the new Weston Park Hospital, Sheffield.

Following reorganisation of the National Health Service in 1974, HMCs were abolished on 31 March 1974. New Area Health Authorities, responsible to new Regional Health Authorities, took over the functions and responsibilities of the HMCs as well as the public health functions of local authorities. Sheffield Area Health Authority and Trent Regional Health Authority were legally established as from 1 April 1974.
DescriptionRecords including those of military cases housed in premises later managed by Sheffield No 3 HMC:

Management Committee
NHS37/1/1 Minutes, signed, 1948 - 1974
NHS37/1/2 Attendance, 1958 - 1961
NHS37/1/3 Annual reports, 1948 - 1968
NHS37/1/4 Sealed documents, 1957 - 1972

Committees and Sub-committees
NHS37/2/1 No 2 House Committee, 1949 - 1969
NHS37/2/2 No 4 House Committee, 1956 - 1961
NHS37/2/3 Contract Sub-committee, 1953 - 1961
NHS37/2/4 Establishment Sub-committee, 1949 - 1961
NHS37/2/5 Finance Sub-committee, 1948 - 1974
NHS37/2/6 General Purposes sub-committee, 1948 - 1969
NHS37/2/7 Group Medical Committee, 1949 - 1974
NHS37/2/8 Medical / Nursing Liaison Committee, 1969 - 1973
NHS37/2/9 Committee attendance, 1958 - 1961

National Hospital Service Reserve
NHS37/3/1 Minutes, 1955 - 1960
NHS37/3/2 Correspondence and papers, 1961 - 1963
NHS37/3/3 Circulars: Regional Hospital Board, 1955 - 1959
NHS37/3/4 Circulars: national, 1957 - 1961
NHS37/3/5 Campaign guides, 1953 - 1954

Estate and premises
NHS37/4/1 Contracts, 1954 - 1963
NHS37/4/2 Purchases, 1935
NHS37/4/3 Building and maintenance, 1957 - 1963
NHS37/4/4 Leases, 1921 - 1966

NHS37/5/1 Losses and compensation, 1949 - 1974
NHS37/5/2 Salaries and wages, 1943 - 1951

NHS37/6/1 Staff returns, 1971 - 1972

Winter Street Military Hospital [3rd Northern General Hospital]
NHS37/7/1 Admission and discharge books: Field Service, 1916 - 1919
NHS37/7/2 Papers, 1916 - 1918

Lodge Moor Hospital: Military Sick
NHS37/8/1 Admission and discharge books, 1914 - 1919
NHS37/8/2 Papers, 1919

Lodge Moor Hospital: Military Sick
NHS37/9/1 Registers, 1939 - 1951
NHS37/9/2 Indexes, 1946
NHS37/9/3 Papers, 1940 - 1952
Date1916 - 1974
Extent135 items
AccessConditionsInformation in patient and staff records may be subject to access restrictions under the Data Protection Act, or may be subject to exemptions from the Freedom of Information Act. For further information, please refer to a member of staff.
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'The Edgar Allen Institute in the Great War', 1915 (NHS18/1/6/1)
CustodialHistoryPrior to April 1986 the records previously numbered SY298/H and SY641/H were held by the former South Yorkshire County Record Office. On the abolition of South Yorkshire County Council on 31 March 1986, these records passed to the custody of Sheffield Archives. On 1 Apr 2009 the ownership of these items was assigned to Sheffield Archives.
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