TitleDeed of partition
Description<head>Scope and Content</head><p>Richard Banester of the Cotes, gentleman, with William Halstead of Worsthorne, John Halstead, his son, John Hartley of Colne, and Richard Woodroffe of Brunley, yeoman, concerning the partition of lands and tenements in Barnolsweke Cotes in Craven. Banester to have all Grimberfeild (provision for a bridle way), from the street to Bridgeholmyate 10½ yards, for his part in the Kirkfeild in Losber Bothome 12 acres as the meer is set, and for his part in the Greene Causey all above the Kirkgate in the south side of the Causey, and at the street side called the Syke 2½ acres (provision for a path and ditches). The other parties to have the Oxe Close and all the rest of the Kirkefeild leaving 12 yards up to the way from Oxe Close to the Gilfooteyate, from the Gilfooteyate to the Church 3½ yards to be a way for church use, from the church to the Causey 7 yards, from the Causey to the town 12 yards and a further 10½ yards (described). Hedges and ditches to be divided equally, and trees called Ashes to be divided, with power for the several parties to fell them at convenient times.</p>
Date1 Mar 1557
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