TitleWill and probate of Edmund Waterhowse of Swinocke Hall in the chapelry of Bradfeilde, yeoman
Description<head>Scope and Content</head><p>His debts to be paid. He bequeaths to Ellen, his wife, 1/3 part of his goods and of his lands. He bequeaths to Edmund, his son, the close called The Flatt (bought from Grace Smilter and others) on condition that he allows a younger son, Ralph, to have a close called the Coytefielde but otherwise Ralph is to have the Flatt. He bequeaths to Ralph a close called Farr Long Leyes (bought from Thomas Allen) and to Edmund a close called the Bowling Alleye provided he allows Ralph a way through to Farlong Leyes and Coytefielde. To Ralph a close called Waterside (bought from John Smalfeilde) with 3 bays of housing, but if he die before he is 21, then the said close is to go to Edmund but he is to pay to Anne (daughter of testator) £20. Bequeaths to Anne 20 marks to be paid to her out of the Flatt when she reaches the age of 26. Bequeaths to his wife the reversion of a lease of a piece of land called Runger Flatt Storthe and Burgreave. To Edmund a chest where his deeds are kept, the greatest ark in the barn, the best pair of bedstocks, a table, and a form but his wife to have the use of them until Edmund is 21. His wife to have the best seeled bed in the parlour, Ralph to have the best seeled bed in the nether chamber and the best chest save one. Anne to have the best pair of bedstocks in the upper chamber and an ark in the lower chamber. His wife to have the rent from the house of Thomas Martin of Bameforth, part for the younger children when they grow up. She is to be guardian of the children until they are 21 and have the profits of the lands for their maintenance. Robert Waterhouse, William Hawksworth, Richard Waterhouse, Edward Hudson and John Smalfeilde to be overseers of the will and guardians of the children in the event of his wife &apos;s death. His wife to be sole executrix. Postscript that if Ralph sells or lets any of his land Edmund to have the first choice to take it. List of debts owing.</p><p>Will 29th April, 1634.</p><p>Probate</p>
Date7 Nov 1634
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