RefNoOD/1125, 1124
TitleBargain and sale
Description<head>Scope and Content</head><p>Sir William Darcy of Wotton Castle (co. Durham), knight, Sir Martin Lister of Thorpe Arnold (co. Leicester), knight, John Lambert of Cawton, esquire, John Bright of Carbrooke, esquire, Roger Coates of Kildweeke Graunge and John Wilcocke of Thornton, gentleman, to Mary Drake of Barnoldswicke Coates, widow. A dwelling house and garth, and 2 little closes called Mitchell Fleets and the Leys in Thornton, and property in Eareby as follows: viz: a messuage, barn, garden and 2 closes called Moore Closes or Moorefeilds with a parcel called the Clough, a paddock near the mill called the Hoult and Gateholme Ing, a messuage, barn and garden called Whitwham Upper House with a garth, a croft, and Grandidge-Highfeild, a messuage and two closes called Higher and Lower Greene Close, 2 crofts and a parcel called Kettle Crofts Holme, a messuage and garth with Transmire Ing, Three Acre Close, 2 parcels called Milnehill and Hunside, Middle Close, Linge Close, and Dalecar or Dalescarr Close. Recites a deed of settlement of 2nd March, 1636/37 by Sir William Lister late of Thornton, knight, deceased, conveying the manors of Thornton, Middop, and Swinden in Craven, with various lands (named) and 2 water corn mills in Thornton and Eareby, to trustees to the use of himself for life and then to his eldest son in tail male, and a deed of April, 1637 by the same to the same conveying the residue of his property in Thornton and Eareby (as listed in detail above) to pay his debts and to raise portions for his younger children; further recites that a decree in Chancery was made, following a suit brought by the younger children against the said trustees, that the said trustees were to transfer the property in Thornton and Eareby to the trustees of the present deed. For £412 and an annual rent of 6d., doing suit and service of court and mill.</p><p>Letters of attorney of even date for delivery of seisin.</p>
Date24 Feb 1653
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