TitleArticles of agreement
Description<head>Scope and Content</head><p>William, duke of Devonshire, Richard Bagshaw of Castleton, esquire, Samuel Langford of Macclesfield, button-maker, George Wall of Wirksworth, gentleman, and Mary, his wife, Thomas Gell of the same, surgeon, John Rotherham of Dronfield, gentleman, William Birdd of Bakewell, tallow chandler, and others (named), including Richard Bagshaw of Wormhill, esquire, William Bagshaw of the Inner Temple, esquire, and John Bagshaw of Castleton, esquire, all partners in Whale Sough, with George Oldfield and William Higgenbothom, both of Tadington, miners and partners in Croshea Water Rake. Agreement for the owners of Whale Sough to extend the sough to drain Croshea Water Rake in return for 1/8th part of all lead mined.</p>
Date17 Jun 1747
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