TitlePapers relating to Sheriff's business
Description<head>Scope and Content</head><p>RICHARD BAGSHAWE 1720-1. Deed of appointment of Charles Potts as undersheriff.</p><p>Lists of debts out of the Pipe Office.</p><p>Notes of things to be done by the Sheriff.</p><p>Copies of writs and inquisitions.</p><p>Calendar of offenders to be tried before Judge Fortescue at Derby Assizes, July, 1721.</p><p>SIR W. C. BAGSHAWE, 1805-6. Grand Jury list.</p><p>Letter from Ld. Hawkesbury acknowledging loyal address from County of Derby on Ld. Nelson&apos;s victory, 28th December, 1805.</p><p>Draft letter from Sir W. C. Bagshawe on behalf of the `unfortunate Convict Simmonds&apos;, condemned to death. Aug. 11th, 1805.</p><p>(Commuted to transportation).</p><p>Sheriff&apos;s account with undersheriff.</p><p>Gazette for 1 April, 1806, announcing W. L. Bagshawe&apos;s knighthood.</p><p>F. W. BAGSHAWE 1868-9. Grand Jury List.</p><p>Also Agreement signed by numerous gentlemen of the county relating to Sheriff&apos;s office. 10th February, 1736/7. (Copy).</p><p>W. J. Bagshawe&apos;s admission as Freeman of Hull. 1825.</p>
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