TitleDeed of partition
Description<head>Scope and Content</head><p>John Mellor of Edall (parish of Castleton) to John Froggatt of Park Hall in the parish of Glossop, gentleman; stating that they were lately seized (in common and undivided) of a parcel of barren land containing one hundred and fifty acres in Edall, formerly parcel of the Vaccary of Crowdenle Booth, 126 acres of which they have now meered, describing also the bounds of the division made between them. All that moiety of the said vaccary, that is to say seventy-one acres, two roods agreed to be severed with a wall or fence, with one end to the South-West towards Brownlow Topp and the other end to the north west towards the River Nooe, and a certain other part of the barren land not intended to be inclosed. Froggatt binds himself to pay three shillings and eightpence being a proportionable part of the fee farm rent issuing out of Crowdenle Booth, whereof Thomas Creswell died seized (John Mellor paying the like sum), and one penny farthing to the vicar (John Mellor paying the like sum). Froggatt also agrees to make and maintain a wall for one half the length of the dividing boundary (Mellor doing the like).</p>
Date7 Dec 1715
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