RefNoOD/684, 685
TitleArticles of agreement (both parts)
Description<head>Scope and Content</head><p>Richard Bagshaw of Castleton, gentleman, and Henry Gill of the Oakes (Derbys.), esquire, agree concerning a marriage intended between the said Richard and Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Gill. The dowry to be £700, with security for a further £300 to be paid at Gill&apos;s decease if Elizabeth or any children of the marriage are then living. Richard is to settle on Elizabeth lands of £100 p.a. £80 for her and the remainder in tail to the first born son, with the usual provisions and limitations for the younger children.</p><p>Gill covenants that if he does not marry again or (if married) have a son, that he will convey and settle on Richard an equal estate with that of any of his other daughters.</p>
Date29 Jul 1699
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