TitleArticles of agreement
Description<head>Scope and Content</head><p>John Fretchouile of Hasilbarowe, gentleman, to George, Edward, and Philip Gill of Norton, yeomen. It is agreed that John shall have the right to make a `wayre&apos; in his close called Dowell Holme and it shall extend over a close called Smithyfeild Springe belonging to George, Edward, and Philip; the weir to serve for the making of a dam for a watercorn mill to be set up by John, and a smithy iron mill to be set up by the other parties with arrangements for the use of the water; John to bear the cost of the making and repair of the weir and two shuttles to be made, one at his cost, and the second at the cost of the other parties; George, Edward and Philip to have the right to make a weir from Long Deale to Jackfeild if necessary; covenants about the use of the water, and water not to be diverted from the river which runs from Norwood; the water mill is not to be used for iron work nor lead smelting, and the smithy is not to be used for lead-smelting; covenants about the right of the Gills to make a passage way, the boundaries of the lands, fences etc; the agreement to last for 21 years.</p>
Date18 Jun 1604
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