TitleCounterpart of deed to stand seised to uses
DescriptionRichard Wood of Chesterfeild [Derbyshire], appothecary, to Hugh Bateman of Graves Inne (in the county of Middlesex), esquire, Paul Fletcher of Walton, gentleman, Robert Milward of Chesterfeild, gentleman, and George Allott of Crigglestone, yeoman.

To provide a jointure for Mary, his wife, and in consideration of his affection towards his sons, Edward and John, and his daughter Sarah. To stand seised of the following property: a messuage in Norton and closes called Barne Croft, Sheepehill, Burnt Bents, the Meadow, the Dole, the Storres, and Beasthills occupied by John Greene with all tithes, other closes in Norton, a messuage occupied by John Blythe alias Rotherham with a nearby cottage and croft, a messuage lately built and occupied by William Hicke, closes called the Pitts, Magga-Hay Meadow, Farre and Neerer-Harvey-Clough, part of Ridding Necke Close all in Norton, a capital messuage called Himsworth Hall lately occupied by John Urton alias Steven, a lately erected building of 5 bays, a kilnhouse, various barns etc. with a croft and various pieces of land in Himsworth fields, 13 acres of land in Whisnowe, with all tithes a messuage in Himsworth lately occupied by Edward Nightingall with all its lands, other lands in Himsworth with their tithes bought from various people (named), a messuage in Coldaston with a close called the Ridding, another messuage in Coldaston with 3 closes called Stubbings, other pieces of land in Cold Aston, a close in Greenhill called Great Lowidge, closes in Norton called Cow Close, New Close, the Rushy, a messuage in Dronfeild Woodhouse with various pieces of land. To the use of Richard Wood for his life; after his death the property in Norton to provide a jointure for his widow and then to be to the use of Edward, the property in Dronfield Woodhouse to be to the use of Sarah, and all remaining property to be to the use of John.
Date5 Jan 1652
Extent1 item
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