TitleCopy of a report by a commission appointed to enquire into the value of the foresters' sergeanties
Description<head>Scope and Content</head><p>Sir Thomas Cockayne, knight, John Harpur, Edward Stirnhoppe (sic, Stanhoppe), William Agard, and Steven Harvye met at the Chamber of the Forest or Champion of the Highe Peake to settle disputes between George Menell, John Bagshawe, and Christopher Bagshawe, foresters, and Sir Charles Cavendish, knight and William Cavendish, esquire, farmers. The foresters to have 2 closes called Netherend of Loshill and Damedale (boundaries described), and a new enclosure in Kempsill (boundaries described), arrangements made for pasturage on the great pasture ground on the south and southwest of the Chamber in the Foreste, and that the ground called Great Eldon and adjoining land to be unfenced so that the deer can feed there, arrangements for turf cutting, the swanny mote court to be held as in former times etc.</p>
Date13 - 14 Sep 1586
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