TitleNon South Yorkshire Police Material
DescriptionThis series consists of files of original documents which were gathered by West Midlands Police to locate relevant information relating to the Safety of Sports Grounds Act 1975 in regards to Sheffield Wednesday Football Club and Hillsborough Stadium.

The papers that were considered relevant were given an exhibit label, a running number and gathered together. These were then copied (copies can be found at POL/9/1 and POL/10/10) and the material that was not used was then put aside to be returned to the owner.

Files come from the Health and Safety Executive (POL/25/1), South Yorkshire Fire Service (POL/25/6), Eastwood and Partners (POL/25/7), Sheffield Wednesday Football Club (POL/25/8).

This series also contains some miscellaneous items that were deposited by South Yorkshire Police at the same time as the above files. This includes West Midlands Police computer floppy disks (POL/25/2), Files and documents handed to West Midlands Police regarding the Safety at Sports Ground Act 1975 in relation to Sheffield Wednesday Football Club and Hillsborough Stadium (POL/25/3), Copies of numerous publications concerning disaster (POL/25/4) and Material handed to South Yorkshire Police from West Midlands Police (POL/25/5).

Many of these items are duplicates found elsewhere in the collection or a publications and have therefore not been digitised.
Date1975 - 1989
Extent138 items, paper, Racal Tape
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