TitleVideo footage
DescriptionThis series contains the video footage relevant to the Hillsborough Disaster; most of these were used in the Report to the Director of Public Prosecutions Taylor Inquiry and the Coroner's Inquests and will therefore contain reference number given to them during those processes.

This includes footage made on the day and in the aftermath. Including Sheffield Wednesday Football Club CCTV footage (POL/3/1), South Yorkshire Police CCTV footage (POL/3/2), South Yorkshire Police hand held Video footage taken by the Underwater Search Team (POL/3/2), South Yorkshire Police recordings of other football matches played at Hillsborough Stadium (POL/3/4) BBC recordings of the day (POL/3/5) as well as footage from other Television companies made on the day as well as broadcasting documentaries produced at a later date.

Most of the videos were recorded in two formats: VHS tapes and U-matic tapes.

Not all video material has been digitised due to issues of duplication, quality and relevance.

There are duplicate copies of these recordings as well as other videos throughout the South Yorkshire Police collection.

See POL/9/1/D136, POL/12/3/1, POL/9/3/D266 and AMB/3/3/7 for plans of location of cameras and POL/3/7/1 for schedules of the video material.
DateApril 1989
Extent170 items
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