DescriptionFollowing the Disaster there was an initial call from West Midlands Police for people who were at the match or involved with the Disaster to come forward. A large number of people were identified to complete a questionnaire supplied by West Midlands Police.

These questionnaires were filled in by police officers in the presence of the person being interviewed and contained a number of set questions, depending on the group they fitted into.

Questionnaires were created and filled in for: Liverpool Supporters (POL/7/1), Nottingham Forest Supporters (POL/7/3), Neutral Supporters (POL/7/5), South Yorkshire Police officers and special constables (POLl/7/7), House to House interviews (POL/7/8) and Telephone Questionnaires (POL/7/10).

There were also questionnaires created and filled in for: Emergency Services Personnel, Coach Drivers, Coach Owners, Licensed Premises Staff, Licensed Premises Licensees, Stewards, Other Ground Staff, and Other Selected Persons. These however are not in this main series of questionnaires, but can be found in POL/9/2 and POL/9/3.

Questionnaires were typed onto the HOLMES computer by West Midlands Police staff and these computer generated copies were indexed, having key data underlined and cross referenced (Incident I02- West Midlands Police Inquiry).

Most of the questionnaires are marked by the quality of the witness: Impressive, Average and Poor.

The original handwritten Questionnaires were not chosen for digitised since the indexed versions were favoured.
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