TitleActions (Indexed)
DescriptionThe Action Forms are documents created to show the actions taken and to be taken by West Midlands Police from telephone messages, written requests or interviews.

The Actions in this series are those which were typed and indexed onto HOLMES (Incident I02- West Midlands Police Inquiry).

The types of Actions typically found include, following up a telephone call with a house visit, taking a statement or questionnaire from someone who has been in touch with the police or was identified as at the match by another party.

The Actions are prefixed with an 'A' followed by the next available number. The Action Forms state the nature of the Action, where the Action originated from (e.g. Statement number/ telephone message) and an audit of dates of the actions taken.

The Form is issued to the relevant police officers who undertake the actions. The officers then hand write the results of the outcome and cross-reference any supporting documents, such as statements or questionnaires.
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