TitleExhibit books logging property and photographs of the deceased
DescriptionThis Series contains 13 Exhibit books which list property and photographs of the deceased which were submitted to West Midlands Police for their Inquiry.

The registers include lists of property of the deceased (some property was handed back to relative by South Yorkshire Police prior to the West Midlands Police taking over); Polaroid photograph for each of the deceased; Photographs of post mortems; Exhibits recovered during the early part of Inquiry in Sheffield e.g. South Yorkshire Police registers, items from Hillsborough ground etc including items recovered by Health and Safety Executive; Exhibits generated by the Sheffield Inquiry team: E.g. Tickets, Newspapers, amateur photographs etc; Exhibits generated by Nechells Enquiry teams, Tickets etc (This with IDEL Ref. Numbers are tickets sent by WCP Long for examination to detect forgeries).

Each item was given an entry number and description.
Date 1989
Extent13 items
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