TitleSheffield, St John the Evangelist, Ranmoor, Anglican Parish
AdminHistoryThe parish of St. John, Ranmoor, was constituted in 1877 out of those of Crookes and Fulwood. The first church, built on a site off Fulwood Road by the industrialist John Newton Mappin at a cost in the region of £16,000, was designed by the architect Edwin Mitchell Gibbs and consecrated on the 24th April 1879. The site had been given by the silver plate manufacturer James William Harrison.

The building was almost completely destroyed by a fire on 2nd January 1887, with only the tower and spire surviving. These were incorporated into the present church, which was rebuilt from designs by Edwin Mitchell Gibbs, of Flockton and Gibbs architects of Sheffield, and reopened on 9th September 1888.

The church is situated in the Hallam deanery.

Baptisms, 1879 - 2006 (PR142/1)
Marriages, 1880 - 2020 (PR142/2)
Banns, 1903 - 2007 (PR142/3)
Confirmations, 1890 - 2019 (PR142/4)
Preachers and Services, 1879 - 2015 (PR142/5)

Other records (not listed):

(Acc. 1989/62)
Parochial Church Council and Annual Meeting minutes, 1953-1974; pew rents, 1888-1917 (1 volume); chronological notes on the history of the church and parish, 1879-1931, by Canon Nicholls (vicar of St. John, 1913-1931) (part volume). Includes information on clergy, churchwardens, principal services, parish activities, the church and its fittings.

(Acc. 1993/111)
Parochial Church Council and Annual Meeting minutes, 1974-1984; church Accounts, 1888-1917; newspaper cuttings relating to the parish and local affairs, 1886-1910 (4 volumes)

(Acc. 1995/62)
Architectural drawings for the rebuilding of the church, 1887; undated copy drawings of the tower; set of sixteen proposed designs for stained glass windows, early 20th century, with letter and two photographs, 19th - 20th cent.

(Acc. 2019/34)

Copies of deeds, 1939 - 1967:
1) Copy of trust deed relating to freehold land in Benty Lane Tapton Hill, Sheffield: Rev. H. C. Foster and others in favour of the 36th Sheffield (St John's Church Ranmoor) Group of Boy Scouts, 1939.
2) Conveyance of freehold property, 301 Lydgate Lane, Sheffield: Messrs P. Neill, W. H. Gray and S. S. Levich and Parochial Church Council of Parish of St John, Ranmoor to Sheffield Diocesan Trust and Board of Finance, 23 May 1967.

Church faculty files, 1962 - 1982:
1) Renew electrical installation and reconstruction of church organ, 10 Dec 1962.
2) Removal of carved oak chancel screen, 21 Mar and 17 Apr 1963.
3) Installation of amplification equipment, 9 Nov 1965.
4) Installation of bookstand, 10 Feb 1971.
5) Moveable nave altar, 14 Jul 1982.

Papers relating to creation of new benefice and parish of St Columba Crosspool, 1987.

Architectural plans relating to church alterations, 1969 - 1971:
1) Northern and eastern boundary wall (includes correspondence with architects S. Elden Minns and Partners, Sheffield), Feb 1969 - Mar 1971.
2) Lady Chapel, Jul 1969.
Date1879 - 2020
Extent49 items (registers only)
RelatedMaterialRelated Material at Sheffield Archives:

For earlier records, see St. Thomas, Crookes (ref. PR63) and Christ Church, Fulwood (ref. PR79)

Architectural drawings, Ranmoor Old Church and Ranmoor New Church, by E. M. Gibbs and Flockton & Gibbs, 1870-1910 (ref. AP54)

Baptisms at the Thornbury Annexe of Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Fulwood Road, 1955-1997 (ref. NHS8/4/2/1)

Pastoral Measure, St. John the Evangelist, Ranmoor, alteration of Parish Boundary, 1990s (ref. Acc. 1997/61)

Diocese of Sheffield faculty files, from 1914 onwards (DIOC/FAC).

National Association of Decorative & Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS) Sheffield Church Recording Group, record of contents of St. John the Evangelist Church, Ranmoor, 1992 (ref. Acc. 1992/32)

Warr, Peter, 'The Growth of Ranmoor, Hangingwater and Nether Green', 2009 (ref. WAR/LOCAL)
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