TitleSheffield, Christ Church, Attercliffe, Anglican Parish
AdminHistoryThe old chapel-of-ease of the Township of Attercliffe-cum-Darnall, dating from the 17th century, was replaced by a new church, Christ Church, consecrated 26 July 1826. The rapid development of Attercliffe and the surrounding industrial area led to the establishment of several new parishes, viz: Holy Trinity, Darnall (1845), St Bartholomew's, Carbrook (1874), Emmanuel Church, Attercliffe (1880), St Alban's, Darnall (1910), St Clement's, Newhall (1907) - the latter two parishes had functioned as missions some years previously. The territory of several of the later parishes originally formed part of Brightside Township.

Several of the Attercliffe churches suffered heavy damage during the Second World War and there was subsequently a marked decline in population. Eventually, in 1961 a united benefice was formed of all the above churches with the exception of Holy Trinity, Darnall.

None of the 19th - 20th century buildings now stand, having being demolished as a result of war damage or subsequently. The present church of Christ Church, which serves the united benefice, was previously a church hall adjoining the 19th-century church.
The church was closed after bomb damage in 1940. The church hall became the parish church until 1950, when the Attercliffe benefices were united. Christ Church functioned as a chapel in the parish of Attercliffe-cum-Carbrook until it was closed in April 1981. The new church of St Alban (Darnall) is now the parish church of Attercliffe.

The registers were examined at the Attercliffe Chapel-of-Ease (later Christ Church) and copied by R E Leader about 1908. In an article on the chapel he states that a struggle about the possession of the registers in the early 19th century "ended in a decree that these must be kept in the Sheffield Parish Church and thus it is there we must look for the official lists. But the curate and clerk kept originals, or duplicates, for their own use". The volumes listed here are these "original or duplicates".

A check has been made of the earliest entries of the baptisms to see if they are entered in the Sheffield parish registers. In fact they are, but not always under exactly the same dates, and no indication is given that the baptism was at Attercliffe, or of the residence of the parties there.

Leader's indexed copies in one volume are available in the archives and are probably easier to consult than the originals, initially. (See LC 166: Transcripts - Baptisms 1719 - 1798, Marriages 1734 - 1753, Burials 1734 - 1798; Index - Baptisms and Burials, 1799 - 1830).
Composites (Baptisms, Marriages and Burials), 1719 - 1812 (PR28/1)
Baptisms, 1813 - 1976 (PR28/2)
Marriages, 1849 - 1968 (PR28/3)
Burials, 1813 - 1905 (PR28/4)
Banns of Marriage, 1932 - 1940 (PR28/5)
Parish Clerk's Books (baptisms and burials) (PR28/6)
Services, 1880 - 1966 (PR28/7)
Churchwardens and Parochial Church Council (PCC), minutes and accounts, 1882 - 1978 (PR28/8)

Other Records (unlisted):

(Acc. 1980/34)
?Map of Wortley Union 1865

(Acc. 1996/53)
Also covers Carbrook and Darnall churches, including deeds, terriers (1786, 1809, 1820, 1868), faculties (1920s-1952).

(Acc. 2018/55)
Hill Top Chapel register of services, 1992 - 2012, and quinquennial report, July 1997
Date1719 - 1978
Extent89 items
RelatedMaterialAttercliffe civil parish book (lists of Constables, 1584 - 1787, Chapelwardens, 1701 - 1787, Overseers of the poor, 1608 - 1787; and parish accounts, 1676 - 1788, Chapelwardens accounts, 1702 - 1780, Surveyors of the highways' accounts, 1733 - 1769 and John Needham's accounts, 1758 - 1774; and copy settlement certificates, 1712-1792 (CA26)

Attercliffe churchwardens accounts, [1842 - 1843] see LC/4/4.

Microfilm of Bishop's Transcripts (BTs), 1819 - 1829 (SY337/X1/67)

R E Leader's indexed copies of the registers (LC166)
R E Leader's inscriptions of Attercliffe Old Burial Ground (LC168)
St Bartholomew, Carbrook, Anglican Parish (PR21)
Emmanuel Church, Attercliffe, Anglican Parish (PR34)
St Clement, Newhall, Anglican Parish (PR35)
St Alban, Darnall, Anglican Parish (PR36)
Holy Trinity, Darnall, Anglican Parish (PR68)
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