TitleSheffield, St Mary, Ecclesfield, Anglican Parish
AdminHistorySt Mary, Ecclesfield is an ancient parish. The following changes to the parish boundaries have been made over the years:

St Cuthbert, Firvale, was formed out of the parishes of Christ Church, Pitsmoor; St Thomas, Brightside and St Mary, Ecclesfield in 1901.

St. James and St. Christopher, Shiregreen was created in 1938.

St Mark, Grenoside was originally a district chapelry of the parish of Ecclesfield. Work began on St Mark's in 1884 and it was consecrated two years later, although the parish itself was not constituted until 1938.

St Hilda, Shiregreen - the formation of a new parish for the Shiregreen area of Sheffield was first suggested in the report of the Bishop's Commission in 1917, but, due to World War I and its aftermath, no building was provided until 1924. The Sheffield Church Extension Committee meeting in 1935 gave priority to the building of a new church of St Hilda to serve this rapidly growing part of the parish of St Cuthbert, Fir Vale. The present church of St Hilda was consecrated and dedicated on 7 May 1938, when the separate district of St Hilda, Shiregreen was formed out of the parishes of St Cuthbert, Fir Vale and St Thomas, Wincobank.

St Cecilia, Parson Cross was created in 1937 from Christ Church, Pitsmoor, St Mary, Ecclesfield and St Mark, Grenoside. The parish church (located on Chaucer Close) was completed in 1939.

St Leonard, Norwood, Anglican Parish, created c. 1938.
Baptisms, Marriages and Burials (composites), 1558 - 1812 (PR54/1)
Baptisms, 1813 - 1998 (PR54/2)
Marriages, 1768 - 1996 (PR54/3)
Banns of marriage, 1938 - 1942, 1958 - 1963, 1980 - 1997 (PR54/4)
Burials, 1813 - 1963 (PR54/5)
Confirmations, 1913 - 1962 (PR/54/6)
Services, 1906 - 1976 (PR54/7)

Other records:
Fabric and Fittings (PR54/8)
Repairs and Repewing (PR54/8/1)
Fittings (PR54/8/2)

Burial ground (PR54/9)

Church property and finance (PR54/10)
Various (PR54/10/1)
Insurance, stocks and shares (PR54/10/2)
Vouchers (PR54/10/3)
Accounts (PR54/10/4)
Deeds (PR54/10/5)

Property and income of the benefice (PR54/11)
Tithe (PR54/11/1)
Glebe (PR54/11/2)
Terriers (PR54/11/3)
Other (PR54/11/4)
Advowson (PR54/11/5)

Clergy (PR54/12)

Churchwardens (PR54/13)
Accounts, etc (PR54/13/1-2)
Bills and vouchers (PR54/13/3)
Accounts (PR54/13/4)

Vestry (PR54/14)

Parochial Church Council (PR54/15)

Parochial activities (PR54/16)

Charities (PR54/17)
General (PR54/17/1)
The Feoffee Estate (PR54/17/2)
Shaws dole (PR54/17/3)
Tyas' dole (PR54/17/4/1)
Woodhall rents (PR54/17/5)
Turie's gift (PR54/17/6)
Lady Mallory's charity (PR54/17/7)
Mansel's charity (PR54/17/8)
Shirecliffe dole (PR54/17/9)
Sylvester's charity (Mortomley Lane End Hospital) (PR54/17/10)
Freemans's hospital charity (PR54/17/11)
Hammond's Trust for the blind (PR54/17/12)
Joseph Smith's pension fund (PR54/17/13)
Richard Scott's charity (PR54/17/14)
Ecclesfield united charities (PR54/ 17/15)

Schools (PR54/18)

Reorganisation of parish boundaries (PR54/19)

Maps, plans, sale plans etc (PR54/20)

Miscellaneous (PR54/21)

Civil parish (PR54/22)
Parish constable (PR54/22/2)
Overseers of the Poor (PR54/22/3)
Miscellaneous (PR54/22/4)
Date1520 - 1998
ExtentApprox. 380 items
RelatedMaterialFor parish magazines, 1889 - 1904 see SY76.
For monumental inscriptions see MI/65/1-4.
For churchyard plan and grave plot locations (compiled 1962) see MD3584.
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