TitlePainted Fabrics Limited, Sheffield
AdminHistoryPainted Fabrics Limited was a luxury textiles company set up by Annie Bindon Carter during the First World War to offer employment to wounded ex-servicemen. The men acquired a wide range of new skills very different from their pre-war occupations including hand stencilling using specially adapted brushes and tools, screen printing, block printing, spray painting and garment manufacture. Mrs Carter's motto for Painted Fabrics was 'Work not Charity'.

The company was wound up in 1959.
DescriptionPhotocopies of photographs and newspaper cuttings relating to Painted Fabrics:

1. Photograph showing Painted Fabrics employees (1947). On the right is Mr Fisher who had both his legs amputated during the First World War. On the left is Cyril Owen holding his first son. Owen lost both legs at Arnhem during the Second World War. The small boy is Graham Kerr born in 1946, grandson of Taffy Llewellyn. Mr Fisher, Cyril Owen and Taffy Llewellyn (1892 - 1944) were all disabled ex-servicemen who found employment at Painted Fabrics.

2. Photograph of Taffy Llewellyn and Princess Mary (the Princess Royal) at Painted Fabrics [1935].

3. (a) Photograph of Taffy Llewellyn in uniform [1914]; (b) photograph of Painted Fabrics snooker tournament (L-R): Mr Harper (who had a broken back and lived at the Painted Fabrics site), Taffy Llewellyn, Mr Riley, Mr Simpson, Mr Marlowe and Mr Goode [1920s - 1940s].

4. (a) Photograph of Painted Fabrics ladies club (L-R): Mrs Reece, Mrs Bowns, Mrs Shooter, Mrs Whitham and Mrs Llewellyn [1920s - 1940s]; (b) Photograph of Painted Fabrics ladies club (back L-R): Mrs Bowns, Mrs Llewellyn, Mrs Roseworn and Mrs Shooter (front L-R): Mrs ? and Mrs Montgomery [1920s - 1940s]; (c) Photograph of Llewellyn family including Taffy Llewellyn, Mrs Llewellyn and daughter Doris Llewellyn (later Doris Kerr) [1920s - 1930s].

5. (a) Newspaper cutting from the Sheffield Daily Independent relating to the visit by the Duchess of York to Painted Fabrics; (b) newspaper cutting from the Sheffield Telegraph detailing the death of Taffy Llewellyn [1944].

6. Newspaper cutting from the Sheffield Telegraph and Star [1935] relating to the work of Painted Fabrics.
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