TitleDay Books
DescriptionThe day books record items passed to the Assay Office for assaying/marking, and include on a daily basis a job number, the customer's name (individual/company), a description of the item(s), the number of items, their weight and the costs incurred. The weights are recorded in pounds, ounces, grams and pennyweights. Later books also record the name of the person/company for whom the item is being marked, which in some cases is different from the name of the original sender. Entries for gold from 1989 include a standard (carat) measure.

There are two series of early books, entitled 'Rough' and 'Plate', and entries in these run concurrently until 1823 (with, in both cases, some missing years). The information recorded is the same in both sets of volumes, and up until 1901 refers to silver items only. A separate series of gold day books was started in 1901, when the Office began to accept gold items. Silver items were then differentiated in books marked silver, and a series of platinum day books was started in 1975.

The majority of the books are bound volumes, but from 1989 computer print outs (unbound) were produced.

Day books for the period July 1854 to June 1931 have not survived.
Date1773 - 1991
Extent178 items
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