TitleAn album of letters, etc. connected with James Montgomery and John Holland, collected by the latter or a connection of his family
DescriptionGiven to the Library, to be added to the SLPS collection by Mr. E. Shrewsbury whose father was the adopted son of John Holland Brammall, Holland’s nephew, Nov 1971, bi-centenary of Montgomery’s birth.

The letters, many of which were loose, have been remounted in the following order:

Nos. 1-7: Pictures Nos. 8-48: Letters of, or about, Montgomery (Chronologically arranged) (see also MD6790) Nos. 49-63: Letters of John Holland (in connection with his own works and of the Society Nos. 64-70: Miscellaneous Items
No. 1 - Brincliffe Oaks. Grey wash drawing (unsigned), 1790
No. 2 - Silhouettes (cut out and mounted). James Montgomery, Sarah Gales, Elizabeth Gales, [19th cent]
No. 3 - James Montgomery. Engraving from portrait by J.H. Smith, [19th cent]
No. 4 - Silhouette of John Holland, 1840
No. 5 - “Iris”: printed figure of the messenger of the gods probably from bill-head of the Iris Office, [19th cent]
No. 6 - Photograph of John Holland, [19th cent]
No. 7 - Unnamed silhouettes, [19th cent]
No. 8 - William Todd (editor, Sheffield Mercury) to J. Montgomery, - Tuesday evening. Wishes to know if it is true that one of Todd’s employees is occasionally employed in the “Iris” Office, [19th cent]
No. 9 - Mary Gaskell to J Montgomery, Lupset, [Wakefield, Yorkshire] - arrangements for a visit by Montgomery, with their mutual friends of Norton Hall, [4 Nov 19th cent]
No. 10 - David Laing (Secretary, Bannatyne Club) to J. Montgomery - sends collected poems of a countryman and namesake [Alexander Montgomery], [19th cent]
No. 11 - Jane Hoole [? Mother-in-law of Barbara Hofland, previously Hoole, née Wreaks] to J. Montgomery. Grove House, [?Harrogate, Yorkshire] - Hopes he will visit them – “the coach is so charming a conveyance, if you pop yourself in at Night you can breakfast with us in the Morn”. Visits from Miss Bayley and her brother. (A forthright letter of an elderly lady. Refers to “Mrs. Hofland”), [Watermark 1807], 30 Sep [1807]
No. 12 - Barbara Hofland to J. Montgomery - Gives the news from Woodseats, viz. Miss Mower has gone to London with Mr and Mrs Bagshaw – her father at last consented. Comments on her own husband’s character. Sending her son to Sheffield for the holiday, etc., [Watermark 1808], 15th Jun [1808]
No. 13 - James Montgomery to Miss Gales, Sheffield - “Lines… composed on the evening of the Interment of the late Mr. Thomas Gales of Eckington”, 18 Oct 1809
No. 14 - Barbara Hofland to James Montgomery (endorsed). Postmarked Harrogate, [Yorkshire] - asks him to write and to visit her during the holidays. References to her boarders, and details of financial problems with one of the Hoole trustees, 25 May 1810
No. 15 - James Ballantyne (publisher) at Edinburgh [Scotland] to J. Montgomery - requests title-page for forthcoming volume, “The West Indies”. Walter Scott has read many passages with admiration. Warns the poet against hostile opinions of the ‘Edinburgh Review’, 18 Jun 1810
No. 16 - Rev. James Plumptre at Great Gransden Vicarage, [Cambridgeshire] to J. Montgomery. Praises his “Greenland” and other poems, particularly for their Christian values. (On flyleaf of a printed poem, “The Martins”, by the writer), 2 Nov 1820.
No. 17 - Rev. James Plumtre [Plumptre] at Great Gransden Vicarage, [Cambridgeshire] to J. Montgomery - thanking the poet for present of volumes of his works – with various comments on authors from a Christian point of view, 24 Jan 1821
No. 18 - Edmund Cartwright at London to J. Montgomery - printed circular letter of Royal Society of Literature, with personal note on fly-leaf, 30 Nov 1821
No. 19 - James Montgomery at Iris Office to John Holland - covering note to some verses (lacking). ‘Annotation’ explains that the verses were written on 18 Aug 1812 the anniversary of his departure from Fulneck [Leeds, Yorkshire] in 1789, 21 Jan 1823,
No. 20 - Lucy Aiken at Hampstead [London] to [James Montgomery] - thanks for volume of hymns which she praises [?”Songs of Zion”]. Has left Wimbledon and returned to live at Hampstead, 13 Feb [c.1823].
No. 21 - Rev. James Plumpton [Plumptre] at Great Gransden Vicarage [Cambridgeshire] to J. Montgomery - sends his original dramas, and books on the stage and comments on his “middle way” in the controversy about the stage. Comments on cosmography of “The world before the Flood”, 5 Jan 1824
No. 22 - P.M. James at Birmingham [Warwickshire] to J. Montgomery - replies to an appeal on behalf of sweeping boys addressed to Mr. C. Lloyd, 23 Feb 1824
No. 23 - Alane A. Watts at 58, Torrington Square [London] to James Montgomery - Montgomery’s copy of ‘The Souvenir’ delayed by West the painter who was to have come to Sheffield with a request that Montgomery would sit for his portrait. Details of West’s itinerary. Requests further contribution for ‘The Souvenir’, 13 Sep 1825
No. 24 - Lucy Aikin at Hampstead, [London] to Montgomery - congratulating him on his successes and on his retirement. News of her family, 29 Nov 1825
No. 25 - Ebenezer Rhodes at Wicker, [Sheffield] to Jas. Montgomery - thanks for letter. Will call soon. Requests loan of the 1795 vol. of the ‘Iris’, 13 Apr 1828
No. 26 - Petition, signed by leading citizens of Sheffield, to the Master Cutler to call a meeting to consider petitioning Parliament for the abolition of negro slavery in the British Colonies, 2 Jun 1828 (heading in Montgomery’s handwriting) (see image attached)
No. 27 - Sir Alexander Johnston at Carnsalloch, Dumfries [Scotland] to J. Montgomery - in answer to Montgomery’s expressed interest, gives a long account of the measures he took on the island of Ceylon for abolition of domestic slavery. Praises “The West Indies”, 15 Oct 1828
No. 28 - Rev. Barnabas Shaw at Hatton Garden [London] to J. Montgomery - is preparing to embark for South Africa. Seeks permission to publish a contribution of Montgomery’s, in aid of the chapel at Cape Town [postmark 1829]
No. 29 - William Sotheby at High Beech, Essex to [Montgomery?] regrets has not been able to see Murray but very much approves of proposed publication, 28 Jun 1830
No. 30 - J.J. Gurney at Norwich [Norfolk] to [J. Montgomery] - requests a contribution for the ‘Amethyst’ (details of the editors) though at present contributors cannot be offered any payment. (Quaker phraseology), 16 Jun 1831
No. 31 - James Silk Buckingham (prospective Sheffield M.P.) at Gresham’s Hotel, Dublin [Ireland] to John Blackwell at the “Iris” Office - difficulties met with in lecturing in Ireland, lack of punctuality etc. Requests that the Iris be sent regularly, 30 Apr 1832
No. 32 - Richard Cattermole at Woburn Square [London] to J. Montgomery - thanks for contribution to his volume of poems. Hopes to see Montgomery tomorrow morning, [watermark 1835]
No. 33 - Rev. Joseph Hunter at 30 Torrington Square [London] to J. Montgomery, making Montgomery his proxy to vote in the affairs of the Sheffield Gas Light Co. On fly leaf: Letter from Hunter suggesting that proprietors living at a distance be informed of any declaration of dividend, the recent changes in the postage making it a favourable occasion for this, 20 Jan 1840
No. 34 - Spencer T. Hall at Castlegate, York to J. Montgomery - sends his “The Forester’s Offering” with fear and trembling and requests criticism, 28 Nov 1840
No. 35 James McCosh at Warder Office, London to J. Montgomery - asks for some memento of his meeting Montgomery and refers to the latter’s visit to Scotland, 15 Oct 1841
No. 36 - George Catlin at Brightside, [Sheffield] to J. Montgomery - calls his attention to the North American Indian Exhibition and hopes he will visit it (at Brightside), 22 Dec 1842
No. 37 - James Playfair at Glasgow [Lanarkshire, Scotland] - to J. Montgomery - obscure references to the “suffering Church in this part of the empire” and a great meeting held there. [Scottish Church controversy], 31 Mar 1843
No. 38 - J. Campbell on “The British Banner” (headed notepaper) to J. Montgomery - thanks for his wife’s interview with “the Poet of Sheffield”. Flattering comparisons. Asks why “your rampant radical fellow townsman Elliott” should appear in a collected edition and not Montgomery? 17 Oct 1849
No. 39 - Ann Gilbert to [James Montgomery] - thanks for verses from him and Mrs. Rawson. Letter will be treasured, 18 Jan 1850
No. 40 - Joseph Hunter at 30 Torrington Square [London] to (?) Holland., - about the commission to Pickersgill for Montgomery’s portrait and thoughts on the value of a good portrait as a permanent memorial, 25 Nov 1851
No. 41 - H.W. Pickersgill at London to John Holland - instructions concerning framing, etc., of his portrait of [James Montgomery], 22 Mar 1852,
No. 42 - Joseph Hunter at 30 Torrington Square [London] to [John Holland - knows of no set of Ward’s Sheffield Advertiser. Note about a Miss Meliore Chamberlain. Favourable comments on the portrait, 21 Jun 1852.
No. 43 - Ann Gilbert at The Park, Nottingham to John Holland - her furniture at present being in store, she is unable to have access to letters in her bureau but doubts whether she has any from Montgomery likely to be suitable for publishing, 29 Apr 1853.
No. 44 - Joseph Hunter at 30 Torrington Square [London] to [John Holland] - comments on the pitfalls of writing a biography of one recently dead [Montgomery] and declines to lend his own letters from the poet, which concern business matters, mainly. Recalls two country rambles with Montgomery, giving itinerary, 15 Aug 1854.
No. 45 - Edward Farr to John Holland - having seen the first two volumes of the ‘Life of Montgomery’ offers several letters to himself from the poet, encouraging him in his literary career, 29 Jan 1855.
No. 46 - John Bell at Kensington [London] to John Holland - in connection with the proposed Montgomery statue which he is to carry out, 12 Feb 1856.
No. 47 John Bell at North Devon to John Holland - concerning proposed statue of Montgomery – the copy of the original sketch is nearly ready. Inquires where the busts Chantrey left are stored, 19 Sep 1861.
No. 48 - John Bell at Kensington to John Holland - will make and present to him a cast from the mould of the small “sketch” for Montgomery’s statue in the cemetery; is about 2 feet high. Supposes the plaster statue has arrived safely and hope it is in a good light, 26 Feb 1870.
No. 49 - William Todd at the Mercury Office to John Holland - invoice for a poem. (Printed billhead), 13 May 1820.
No. 50 - O. Jewitt, at Duffield [?Derbyshire] probably to J. Holland, , Gives quotation for engraving coats of arms. p.1, 17 Dec 1825
No. 51 - W. Howitt at Nottingham to John Holland - coincidence of an article in the volume of each being on the subject of Eyam. Sends his own, which could perhaps be mentioned in the Iris. (Quaker phraseology), 18 Jun 1827
No. 52 - L. Grainger at Wintringham, Nr. Brigg [East Riding of Yorkshire] to John Holland - answer to Holland’s enquiry about a certain John Forster (probably for “Yorkshire poets”), 2 Oct 1827
No. 53 - Samuel Drew at Moorgate Street [London] to John Holland - declining a manuscript for publication. Mentions that he has not received Holland’s review of Everett’s “Methodism in Sheffield”, 30 Mar 1829
No. 54 - Dion. Lardner at Regent Street [London] to John Holland Sending proofs of “Iron Manufacture” [by Holland], 12 Mar [c.1830]
No. 55 - O. Jewitt (engraver on wood) at Duffield [?Derbyshire] to John Holland - invoice for engraving of Sheffield manor. (Printed billhead), 18 Feb 1831
No. 56 - Joseph Hunter at 30 Torrington Square [London] to John Holland - on the subject of Yorkshire poets and prose writers, in considerable detail, 13 Aug 1844
No. 57 Joseph Hunter at 30 Torrington Square [London] to [John Holland] - sends some books by his son who is taking a place as Assistant Surgeon at Sheffield Infirmary. Notes on a number of Yorkshire poets and writers, 23 Aug 1844
No. 58 - Joseph Hunter at 30 Torrington Square [London] to [John Holland] - sends tracing of signature of the elder Crashaw (poet of Hallamshire). – no tracing, 13 May 1848
No. 59 - Charles Cowden Clarke (Secretary of the Sheffield Literary and Philosophical Society), Craven Hill Cottage [?London] to John Heppenstall - sends syllabus of proposed lectures and request name of a comfortable inn near the lecture hall, 13 Oct 1851
No. 60 - J.P. Nichol [?at Observatory] to John Heppenstall - about proposed series of four lectures [to the Sheffield Literary and Philosophical Society], 14 Mar 1853
No. 61 - Joseph Hunter at 30 Torrington Square [London] to [John Holland] - returns the memoirs of Mrs. Grace Bennet and comments on her “very remarkable story” and the connection with Wesley, 6 Sep 1853 (original is in the British Library Add. MSS.7119).
No. 62 - Charles Waterton at Walton Hall [?Warrington, Cheshire]to [John Holland] - about the habits of the swallow, 18 Oct 1857.
No. 63 - Agnes Strickland at Wangford [Suffolk] to [John Holland] - thanks for “friendly errata” for reprint of her life of Mary Stuart. Visited nearly all the places connected with Mary but “my visit to Sheffield was too hurried” and relied on information supplied by Mary Roberts, 8 Oct 1858
No. 64 - John Clare. Copy (?) of poem “To the Ivy”, [19th cent]
No. 65 - Professor Wilson’s manuscript for Blackwoods Magazine. Pages 7, 8, 9, only of what appears to be a draft, subject unknown, [19th cent]
No. 66 - Satirical verses on Sheffield personalities, [1807]
No. 67 - Manuscript Copy of poem by Robert Southey “To Joseph Cottle”, [19th cent]
No. 68 - Copy of a letter from Charles Wesley to Joseph Bradford when John Wesley was thought to be dying. 29 Jun 1775 (watermark on paper is 1832)
No. 69 - Printed article by J.T.F. about Wesley’s footprints on his father’s tombstone, with illustration [From ‘Notes & Queries’], [19th cent]
No. 70 - Miscellaneous letters to Holland in connection with his own works, and some pen and ink drawings for some publication, [19th cent].
Date1790 - c. 1850



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