TitleBBC Radio Sheffield
AdminHistoryBritish Broadcasting Company (BBC) Radio began as a local broadcaster in 1922. The BBC oversaw a network of local stations which were connected to London by telephone links. When the Company became a Corporation, the early local stations were replaced by regional broadcasting services.

Educational broadcasting started on BBC Radio Sheffield in the early 1970s. The station provided schools programmes for all age-ranges which were broadcast during school hours every Friday afternoon in term time. Broadcast content was saved to tape in the'Sheffield Teachers Tape Library' which operated a loan facility from Union Road for the use of teachers in South Yorkshire. Printed catalogues were issued each year (the earliest list that survives in this collection is a catalogue from 1973/74). Teachers were also able to access sample tapes from the Radio Sheffield Schools Broadcasts from the Schools Library, Surrey Street, Sheffield; the librarian provided a listening service so that teachers could decide which tapes were suitable for borrowing from the Audio-Visual Aids Centre on Union Road. From Sep 1980 there was a slight shift in educational programming - the LEA offered secondment opportunities for this work to be carried out so the 1:40pm slot was occupied by both schools and adult/general education broadcasts. Letters written by David Sheasby, Education Producer, in 1982 suggest that educational broadcasting was, at this time, under threat but that the service continued for some time thereafter.
Description1. Reel-to-reel (open reel) tapes (masters), 1967-1997
2. Cassette tapes (copies), 1967-1990
3. Compact disc-recordables (CD-Rs) (copies) (1972-1988), 2013
4. Papers (correspondence, radio play scripts, indexes, etc.), 1967 - 1980s
Date1967 - 1993
Extentc. 5000 items
RelatedMaterialA CD-ROM copy is available (ref. ROM/109) which features copies of the following BBC Radio Sheffield recordings relating to Park Hill/Hyde Park Flats (and also includes one later recording dated Mar 2008 with a member of the first family to move into Park Hill sharing his memories): SY425/7209/2, SY425/7906/12, SY425/8601/10, SY425/8601/22 and SY425/8807/13.

Copies of programmes made by Christine Gregory relating to the miners' strike, 1984-1985 (SY685).
CustodialHistoryOn the abolition of South Yorkshire County Council on 31 March 1986, these records passed from South Yorkshire County Record Office (SYCRO) to the custody of Sheffield Archives. On 1 Apr 2009 the ownership of these items was assigned to Sheffield Archives.
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