TitleTape 4
DescriptionBand 1. Joe Ashton MP Deals with: Debate in the House of Commons when Margaret Thather PM condemned short sentence for rape. His own views. Emergency debate of defence, the US may move its command base to the UK, claims that government are juggling figures on missiles and ignoring Public Opinion on nuclear weapons. How this could affect result of General Election. The outcome of the Health Workers dispute, its effect on morale. Local constituency matters. What an MP does in the Christmas recess.

Band 1. NUPE. Local representative comments on a speach by David Basnett, M & GWU, TUC Economic Committee. Gives his interpretation of what was meant and relates this to the steel industry in South Yorkshire. The voice of the unions must be heard, the Government is trying to muffle their voice and curtail their activities. David Basnett regarded as a moderate. His view on people who are satisfied with Conservative Government. Views on proposed employment legislation.

Band 2. Arkwright Society. Gathering at Cromford. Secretary talks on the life of Richard Arkwright , the society formed in his honour and the work it does.

Band 2. Firth Brown Limited. Report from outside the shareholders meeting which will decide to join Sheffield Forgemasters.
1) First report, all quiet, waiting for arrival of shareholders at Cutlers Hall.
2) Shareholders arriving, brief interviews and comments. Interview with Richard Caborn M.E.P. and Jack Illingworth, shop steward.
3) Small demonstration disperses, news that a press conference will be held in the hall to announce what has happened.

Band 3. Health Service Workers Dispute. Treasurer of the Area Health Authority talks about the settlement of the dispute, the damage it has done, the difficulties of the AHA because of recent changes in administration and its plans for the furure.

Band 3. Housing. Clive Betts Cllr gives his views on the government scheme for tenants doing their own repairs, feels government is 'bashing' Direct Works Departments, will means an increase in costs because of this, in Sheffield the PWD tender was 17% lower than the lowest private one. More inspectors will have to be employed. The City Council would prefer tenants improvement grants.

Band 4. Social Services. Director of Social Services talks on the decision of the labour group of the City Council to allow homosexuals to be foster parents. Social workers will look at each case on its merits. Preference for two parent families for young children but do not ask foster parents about sexuality.
DateDec 1982
Extent1 item
FormatAudio - open reel tape
AccessConditionsThis item is an open-reel audio tape recording. Please refer to a member of staff for advice on accessing the recording.
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