TitlePlanning Department
AdminHistoryThe Planning Department was responsible for strategic planning, including the production of a Structure Plan, which involved such activities as social and population forecasting, policies regarding urban land use, agriculture, minerals and transportation and studies regarding industry, employment, population and the use of resources within the county. It was also involved, together with the District Council Planning Departments, with development control and the preparation of local plans.

South Yorkshire County Council presented their Policy Statement in 1973 which laid out four key areas:

1. Industrial development - the Council pressed for publicly-owned labour-intensive growth industries, direct involvement (where necessary) in manufacturing industry, the bringing of land into public ownership for industrial development to benefit communities and improvement of the South Yorkshire Navigation to improve trade with other areas of Britain and Europe.

2. Traffic and transportation planning - underpinning this was the principle that public transport should be regarded both as a social service and an instrument of planning policy. The provision of free public transport for all was the end goal. The need for reduced traffic congestion and a better integrated rail and bus network was highlighted to improve the environment.

3. Pollution and dereliction - this included measures to reduce air pollution from industrial sources, the extension of smoke control orders across South Yorkshire (recognising the importance of the mining industry and the rate at which solid smokeless fuel could be provided), the tackling of water pollution - especially the River Rother and the River Don, disposal of industrial waste, dereliction, land reclamation and the removal of environmental blights.

4. Planning strategy - this covered the development of country parks, the planning of residential areas and the need for meaningful participation by local communities in the formulation of plans.

In 1974, as part of the South Yorkshire Structure Plan of the environment, conservation and land use, South Yorkshire County Council commissioned a public attitudes survey. The Structure Planning exercise was one of the biggest surveys ever carried out by a local authority - 1,700 households were asked about their priorities for the County. They were asked about ten topics: the local environment, housing, employment, education, recreation, local shopping, central shopping, health, public and private transport which helped form the priorities for the Structure Plan.
DescriptionThose records of the Planning Department that have survived have been grouped according to their original filing scheme:

Structure Plan
Development Plan
Local Plans
Development control
Regional planning
National Parks
Green belt
Geology, minerals and land use
Ownership of land
Regional industry and employment
Employment promotion
Industrial sites - tenancies
Industrial enquiries
Learning and training programmes
Sociology - general
Recreation and leisure
Municipal functions - archives
Sewage disposal
Refuse disposal
Administration - general
Minutes of Programme Area Teams
Minutes of Working Groups and Sub-Committees
Council accommodation
Council staff

Also listed at the end are:
Other Planning Department files
Estates Surveyor - photographs and negatives
Indexes to Planning Department files

Original file references have been noted. These run from B (Structure Plan) through to Z (administrative papers).

Records assigned the reference number SYCC-PL came directly from the Planning Department. There may be some overlap/duplication with records deposited separately by other departments (particularly the Administration Department and the Joint Transport and Planning Unit).
Date1969 - 1986
Extent996 items
AcquisitionSourceThese items were deposited by South Yorkshire County Council, Planning Department in [1980s].
ArchNotePreliminary listing undertaken by Joanne Shortland, 2013 (National Cataloguing Grants Scheme funded); catalogue prepared by Cheryl Bailey, 2014; additional cataloguing, editing and locating undertaken by Cheryl Bailey and Tim Knebel, 2014-2016.
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