TitleMiscellaneous papers
DescriptionWills, inventories and executors' papers, c.1726-1886 (WWM/Misc/1-22)

Title deeds n.d., 1653-1931 (WWM/Misc/23-119)
Settlements 1833-1877 (WWM/Misc/23-30)
Irish estates 1752-1876 (WWM/Misc/31-38)
Properties in London (mainly in Grosvenor Street, Upper Grosvenor Street and Grosvenor Square) 1691-1835 (WWM/Misc/39-4)
Land in Northamptonshire and Norfolk 1744-1854 9WWM/Misc/47-57)
Property in Yorkshire n.d., 1722-1871 (WWM/Misc/58-78)
Property in Lincolnshire 1722-1786 (WWM/Misc/79-80)
Land in Huntingdonshire, Derbyshire and Kent 1829-1931 9WWM/Misc/81-86)
Other deeds (mainly bonds) n.d., 1653-1876 9WWM/Misc/87-119)

Accounts, bills and vouchers n.d., c1750-1876 WWM/Misc/120-160)

Estate papers n.d., 1649-1868 (WWM/Misc/161-177)
Yorkshire 1717-1868 WWM/Misc/161-171)
Northamptonshire 1649-1774 9WWM/Misc/172-175)
Ireland n.d., 1826-1827 9WWM/Misc/176-177)

Miscellaneous legal papers n.d., 1658-1860 (WWM/Misc/178-209)

Correspondence n.d., 1620-1857 (WWM/Misc/210-222)

Household business n.d., 1682-1857 (WWM/Misc/223-235)

Miscellaneous political papers n.d., 1779-1801 (WWM/Misc/236-241)

Papers re. livestock n.d., 1791 (WWM/Misc/242-243)

Pedigrees n.d., 1896 (WWM/Misc/244-245)

Miscellaneous papers and printed items n.d., 1662-1930 (WWM/Misc/246-259)

Sturgeon Manuscripts 1748-1864 (WWM/Misc/260-287)
Title deeds 1748-1860 (WWM/Misc/260-278)
Accounts n.d., 1814-1860 WWM/Misc/279-281)
Correspondence 1799-1864 (WWM/Misc/282-287)
Date1620 - [c. 1950]
Extentc. 160 items / bundles
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