TitleLease and release (copy) of manors or lordships of Milton, Marham als. Marholm, Etton, Woodcroft, Castor, Helpstone, Norborough als. Northborough, Maxey and Upton, Northamptomptonshire: mansion house in Milton, Northamptonshire., occupied by Earl Fitzwilliam, with Milton Park adjoining: all messuages and lands in Milton, and in the parish of Castor, containing in all 722 acres; all tolls or other customary payments arising out of the navigation of the River Nene, Northamptosnhire, and those due at Gunnwade Ferry or Gunnwade Ferrybridge; all lands within the parish of Marham, 1302 acres, and all other lands (fully listed)
DescriptionRt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Dundas and Lawrence Dundas, his eldest son of the first part;

Rt. Hon. William Wentworth, Earl Fitzwilliam, and the Rt. Hon. Charles William Wentworth Fitzwilliam als. Viscount Milton, his only son and heir apparent, of the second part;

Rt. Hon. Frederick, Earl of Bessborough, Ireland, Baron Ponsonby of Sysonby, Leicestershire, and the Rt. Hon. George Cavendish, als Lord George Cavendish, of the third part.
Date23 - 24 Apr 1810
Extent2 pieces
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